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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 40

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx
When Sheng Man and her agency thought the issue was over, they didn’t expect Ye Zhi’s advertisement to be broadcasted at this time.


As always, as long as Ye Zhi appeared, there would be scolding. After all, Ye Zhi had done so many wrongdoings before. Even if she hadn’t done anything to Gu Ren recently, she would not be spared at all for a while.


Netizens watched Ye Zhi’s advertisement and began to scold her on the Internet.


“Ye Zhi still got advertisements even when she scams others. I will absolutely resist what Ye Zhi endorses.”


“I’ve got a solution. Why don’t we just ignore Ye Zhi?”


Unlike the usual, a few other opinions differed in the sea of scoldings.


“Am I the only one who thinks that Ye Zhi seems to be beautiful? I don’t see much change in facial features but she looks really beautiful.”


“Ye Zhi’s character is questionable but I have to admit that she looks beautiful. I feel that her temperament or something else about her has changed.”


“Let’s sober up. People like Ye Zhi can do anything to gain popularity. I won’t be surprised if she went through plastic surgery to make herself look more beautiful.”


Although the netizens who had seen the advertisement thought that Ye Zhi had become beautiful, they then thought of Ye Zhi’s wrongdoings before and directly came to the conclusion that her recent changes were caused by plastic surgery.


The thought that Ye Zhi could do anything for popularity was deeply rooted in everyone’s heart.


Ye Zhi’s advertisement was scolded by everyone. However, the more it was scolded, the higher the number of clicks. It was clear that all the netizens wanted to know what Ye Zhi had done to make herself so beautiful.


Ye Zhi endorsed a niche skincare product which was not famous. However because of netizens’ resistance to Ye Zhi, more people came to know about the skin care product’s name.


As more and more people clicked on Ye Zhi’s video, someone finally noticed a small detail. There was a red mole at the wrist of Ye Zhi’s right hand!


Netizens took a closer look. Ye Zhi’s hand seemed to be exactly the same as the hand in that dance clip.


This discovery was simply amazing. If Ye Zhi was the owner of the most beautiful hands, then was she suppressed by Sheng Man?


Because of Ye Zhi’s bad reputation, this guess was denied by all netizens as soon as it appeared. They didn’t believe Sheng Man would bully her.


And Ye Zhi was already a star, how could she be a stand-in of Sheng Man?


However as more people saw this video, combined with the photos in the previous posts, they increasingly thought that the person in the dance clip was Ye Zhi.


Everyone began to realize that Sheng Man had suppressed Ye Zhi intentionally or unintentionally so as not to let a person who was her stand-in become popular.


It wouldn’t have mattered much if Sheng Man just found some other substitute. However, when it came to Ye Zhi, things were different.


Not to mention that Ye Zhi’s negative image was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people before but now there was a big reversal. A person who was defined as ’unscrupulous’ had become a victim.


Whether it was Weibo or other gossip forums, netizens were guessing the truth of this matter.


“Even though these hands are of Ye Zhi’s, Sheng Man may not know about it. It must be the director’s decision.”


“Why don’t we scold Sheng Man? Even if it’s the director who deliberately cut Ye Zhi’s dancing clip to become hers, shen must have agreed to it. She must have thought that no one would find a loophole in it.”


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