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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 41

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx
“I have to say one thing here. No matter how bad Ye Zhi’s reputation was before, I sympathize with her this time.”


“Ye Zhi is no longer a stand-in for Sheng Man. Sheng Man has gone too far! And Ye Zhi seems to have really changed. She has not posted anything about Gu Ren recently.”


While others scolded Sheng Man, the posts sympathizing with Ye Zhi also gradually increased.
Although Ye Zhi was still carrying the label of top scammer, she also gained some supporters due this ‘act’ of Sheng Man suppressing newcomers.
Sheng Man’s agency had long been aware of the hot discussion circulating on the internet and began deleting posts desperately to suppress the issue. They also hired an internet water army to try to reverse the comments against Sheng Man.
The problem was that when they tried to divert the topic, more comments against Sheng Man drowned their posts at once.
Sheng Man was a well-known celebrity and Ye Zhi was infamous for her exploitation. When the two collided, they almost occupied the whole Weibo. The number of clicks on each post skyrocketed.
Soon, the topic <<Sheng Man snatched Ye Zhi’s credits>> entered the top three of Weibo’s Hot Searches List. Though anxious, Sheng Man didn’t want to allow it to happen at all.
Sheng Man’s agency immediately removed this topic in Hot Search. However in a very short time, three issues related to Ye Zhi appeared in the top 50 of the Hot Searches at the same time.
What made Sheng Man’s agency more flustered was that <<Sheng Man suppressed Ye Zhi>>, <<The ‘most beautiful hand’ belongs to Ye Zhi>> and <<The first time Ye Zhi was bullied>> these three Hot Searches continued to climb up the chart.
Within half an hour, all of these Hot Searches were in the top ten. Out of the top ten Hot Searches, three were related to Sheng Man’s efforts on suppressing Ye Zhi!
In the end, the search volume of <<Shengman suppressed Ye Zhi>> exceeded 10 million and this Hot Search was on fire!
That night, the netizens who opened these hot searches all remembered the name Ye Zhi.




Unlike Ye Zhi, Sheng Man was in a mess. Fortunately, most of Sheng Man’s scenes had been almost filmed. Her manager asked her to stay at home and not to appear in public for the time being.
They would have to wait for the controversy to die down regarding this matter before arranging a new project for Sheng Man.
Sheng Man didn’t manage to put dirt on Ye Zhi but instead made herself the target of blame. She couldn’t do anything at all. Staying at home seemed to her like being trapped in prison.
Sheng Man was so angry that she scolded Ye Zhi countless times but to no avail.
Ye Zhi didn’t pay attention to the online discussion at all. For her, it was Sheng Man’s own fault. When Sheng Man carried out her scheme, Ye Zhi had already expected the result. It was only a matter of time.
Ye Zhi’s part in the serial was not much but it was very fragmented, so after Sheng Man had finished shooting all her scenes, she still stayed with the crew.
Gu Ren also returned to the production team. Although he repeatedly declared that his injury was completely healed, the director still let him take some time to rest while shooting.
The director also specifically shot the scenes that had more dialogue in advance and delayed the shooting of all the scenes that needed fighting.
Gu Ren would take a rest in his chair after shooting his part.
Soon, Gu Ren’s manager Cheng Qi discovered some clues. Maybe others didn’t notice it, but Cheng Qi had been Gu Ren’s manager for many years. He knew Gu Ren better than anyone else.
Cheng Qi had repeatedly found that when Gu Ren was sitting and resting, he would often look sideways and his eyes would stay somewhere for a while before moving away.
Next second, Gu Ren looked down at the mobile phone with his eyes half lowered. His slender fingers tapped on the screen. His typing speed was very fast. Cheng Qi didn’t know who he was sending messages to.

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