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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 43

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Song Lie also came to the auction. He knew that Sheng Man had always wanted to buy a Himalayan crocodile leather bag but even she couldn’t find it.


He wanted to pursue Sheng Man. So he decided to buy this bag and gave it to Sheng Man to get in her good books. So, no matter what, he must get this bag tonight.


The auction began and several items were auctioned one after another.


At this time, a foreign woman wearing a black suit stepped onto the stage. Her hair was carefully combed and her hands were wearing a pair of white gloves.


Everyone’s eyes moved down and fell on her hands. She carefully put a bag on the table with her white-gloved hand.


The lights inside were bright and the bag was displayed in its full glory.


The bag looked light, but when one looked closely, he would find some shadows on it. The shadows slowly spread to every corner of the bag from deep to light.


Under the illumination of the lights, every part of the bag was shining with amazing colors. Its impeccable texture made its collection value extremely high.


This was the  Hermes Himalayan crocodile Birkin Bag. There were only three such bags in the world. They couldn’t be bought everywhere even if one had money.


Rare materials, exquisite structure, coupled with its iconic symbol and status. These reasons alone were enough to attract people.


The auctioneer said, “The starting price of this item is 400,000 Yuan. Now the bidding begins!”


Song Lie directly shouted, “700,000!”


Qin Ting glanced at the secretary and the secretary immediately bid, “1.2 million Yuan!”


Song Lie froze. Who increased the bid so much at once?


Other people also looked around and found that the richest woman wanted this bag. Thinking of the Gu family’s status, those who originally wanted to bid decided against it.


Song Lie did not know Qin Ting nor did he know that this was the richest man’s wife. He bid again, “1.5 million!”


Secretary: “3.5 million!”


Song Lie felt strange. The other person who bid with him was so generous that he directly increased the bid by severalfold. If he continued to bid, it would just be futile.


Other people looked a little weird as they saw Song Lie’s actions. Everyone present knew Qin Ting’s identity. They did not bid not because they didn’t have money, but to give face to the Qin family.


(T/N: Qin family is the family of Gu Ren’s mother)


Song Lie was ignorant for not doing so.


Song Lie’s manager just went out to answer the phone. When he came back, he found that Song Lie was bidding against the richest man’s wife. He quickly reminded Song Lie, “The person bidding with you is the richest man’s wife.”


Song Lie’s heart tightened and he looked back at Qin Ting again. Qin Ting didn’t look at him and just gracefully sat there.


Song Lie’s face turned pale. Now he was the only one bidding for this bag with Mrs. Gu. He had become the most blind man.


His worth was only a few hundred million Yuan. The one who wanted this bag was Gu Family. Compared to the Gu Family, his worth was not worth mentioning at all.


As long as Gu Family wanted this bag, he had no chance of winning. How could he afford it? Since he couldn’t afford it, he had to give in.


Song Lie’s face turned a little ugly. He didn’t continue to bid.


Auctioneer, “3.5 million for the first time, 3.5 million for the second time…”


With the final fall of the gavel, this bag belonged to Qin Ting.


The auction process of this item lasted only a quarter of an hour. However, it was sold for a high price of 3.5 million Yuan.


Qin Ting had a smile on her face. This much money was nothing to the Qin family, she just wanted to give this bag to Ye Zhi.
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