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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 44

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Qin Ting asked the Secretary to put away the bag for a moment.


After that, Qin Ting took a fancy to another piece of jewelry. She bought it for a price of nearly 10 million Yuan. After she acquired the jewelry, Qin Ting got up and left the auction.


Ye Zhi wasn’t aware that Qin Ting was going to give her such a precious gift. At the moment, she was just sitting at home and casually browsing on her phone.


At this time, there was a knock on the door and Ye Zhi found out that it was Qin Ting who came. Qin Ting came in and asked with a smile, “Where is Ren?”


“He went to the set to film,” answered Ye Zhi.


Qin Ting carefully looked at Ye Zhi. Although Ye Zhi showed her natural features without any makeup, she was still very beautiful. She also thought that after Ye Zhi married into the family, Gu Ren’s life was getting better and the smile on his face became more radiant.


Qin Ting handed the bag to Ye Zhi, “Here is a gift for you, do you like it?”


Ye Zhi looked down on her hand. Although she had no idea of what this bag was, she felt that it must be too expensive, “It’s too expensive. I can’t accept it.”


“You are my daughter-in-law. Why can’t you accept it?” Qin Ting asked.


Qin Ting said lightly, “This is something I bought for you. It’s not that expensive, you can carry it casually.”


Ye Zhi wanted to say more but seeing Qin Ting’s firm attitude, she had no choice but to reluctantly accept it.


Qin Ting thought for a while and added, “You can carry this bag when you and Ren go out to have fun.” She also hoped that they would go out often so that they could develop their feelings to each other.


After Qin Ting left, Ye Zhi’s eyes fell on the bag.


Ye Zhi did not know that there were only three Himalayan crocodile leather bags in the world and the last one was in her hand.


Moreover, this bag was what Sheng Man had always wanted.


If Sheng Man came to know that the last bag was in Ye Zhi’s hand, she would be mad with envy.


Ye Zhi’s part in the ‘Noble Clan’ series was over. After a few days, Gu Ren’s part had also finished its shooting.


At this time, Ye Zhi was cooped up inside her room. After she terminated the contract with the company, there was no schedule for her to attend to. So Ye Zhi busied herself watching Gu Ren’s old movies.


Ye Zhi wanted to improve her acting skills. What she watched most was Gu Ren’s works.


More than one film critic had commented on Gu Ren, saying that Gu Ren was gifted in acting and could easily play any role.


Just as Ye Zhi finished watching a movie, her cell phone on the desk suddenly rang. Ye Zhi picked up the phone.


“Mr. Gu, the yacht you hired will be available next week.” It was a phone call from the staff of the Yacht Renting Company to remind Gu Ren not to forget the time.


When Ye Zhi chartered the yacht, she filled in Gu Ren’s name but she didn’t want to disclose Gu Ren’s mobile phone number so she left her own.


Ye Zhi immediately replied, “OK, thank you for the reminder.”


After hanging up the phone, she thought for a moment, clicked on her contact list and called Gu Ren.


At the beginning, when Ye Zhi and Gu Ren exchanged their cell phone numbers, they acceded to save each other’s phone number under pseudonyms so that no one could identify them.


When Ye Zhi saved Gu Ren’s phone number, she accidentally typed ‘Old Man’. In the end, she simply saved Gu Ren’s phone number as ‘Old Man’. She was wondering under what pseudonym Gu Ren saved her phone number as?


As soon as Ye Zhi called, a faint ringtone was heard from downstairs. The familiar ringtone rang from far to near.
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