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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 45

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Ye Zhi immediately stood up to open the door while the phone was pressed on her ear. She was unaware that Gu Ren had already come home and was on his way to the second floor.


At the moment when Ye Zhi opened the door, Gu Ren’s finger was on the screen of his mobile phone and was about to press the answer button. After hearing some movement, he looked up and saw Ye Zhi by the door of her room.


The ringing made by the phone in her ear brought Ye Zhi to her senses. She lowered her head to drop the call and the air around her suddenly felt stifling.


Before Ye Zhi could raise her head to look ahead, she felt someone was slowly approaching and a pair of shoes entered her line of sight.


Gu Ren stood in front of Ye Zhi and the moment she raised her head, she met Gu Ren’s eyes staring at her.


Gu Ren’s eyes fell on her and he asked softly, “Are you looking for me?”


Ye Zhi smiled at Gu Ren, “The yacht I chartered for you will be available next week. The series has just completed its filming. You can go out and relax.”


After a few seconds of silence, Gu Ren could not help but ask, “Will you go with me?”


Ye Zhi was startled and then immediately denied, “I booked this yacht for you, not for me.”
Gu Ren chuckled, “What if something happens to me again? Who will help me?”


Ye Zhi suddenly understood Gu Ren’s worry.


Ye Zhi thought that Gu Ren wanted for them to go together so that she could ask for help if ever he had an accident.


It seemed that the previous accidents still affected Gu Ren. Although Gu Ren was calm on the outside, in his heart he wasn’t.


Ye Zhi also thought of the power outage incident. It inadvertently revealed Gu Ren’s helplessness and fragility.


Ye Zhi immediately nodded, “Well, I will go with you and make sure you’re safe.”


Gu Ren only needed to glance at Ye Zhi’s expression to guess her thoughts.


The corners of Gu Ren’s lips curled upward, “Then I will trouble you, Mrs. Gu.”


Ye Zhi shook her head in helplessness. She had unconsciously accepted the title of Mrs. Gu, “This is what I should do.”




Not long after Ye Zhi received the gift, Sheng Man also received a gift from Song Lie.


Like Ye Zhi’s, it was also a Himalayan crocodile leather bag.


Sheng Man originally wanted this bag but she couldn’t buy it. Now that Song Lie had gifted her this bag, she had a little more favorable impression of  Song Lie.


However, even when Sheng Man received the bag, her attitude didn’t change much. She still acted arrogant and only thanked him lightly.


If she had inquired about it, she would have known that the bag that Song Lie gifted her was actually fake and the real one was in Ye Zhi’s hands.


Song Lie did not mind Sheng Man’s attitude when he saw that she had accepted the bag. The more she alienated herself to him, the more he became interested in Sheng Man. He just liked Sheng Man’s arrogant personality.


Song Lie secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, when he was doing an advertisement in Europe, his assistant found an auction house selling the bag.


Song Lie bid for it without hesitation. This time, there was no bidding competition between the richest woman and him. Naturally, the bag was acquired by him.


Moreover, he bought this bag for only 1 million Yuan but the richest lady spent more than three million Yuan. It was really worthwhile.


While Song Lie was secretly rejoicing, he didn’t know that all three authentic Himalayan crocodile leather bags had owners and all the other bags of its kind in the market were just imitations.


Sheng Family.


After getting the bag, Sheng Man told her mother, Nie Jiqing, “Mom, I got a limited edition Himalayan bag. There are only three of these in the world and the last one is in my hand.”


Sheng Man’s tone was filled with pride. Seeing Sheng Man happy, Nie Jiqing’s lips could not help but curl upward.
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