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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 46

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

The Sheng family never made it public that Sheng Man was adopted. Nie Jiqing regarded Sheng Man as her own daughter so of course she was naturally happy for her.


The mother and daughter chatted for a while before Sheng Man left for work. After Sheng Man left, Nie Jiqing looked out of the window as her heart felt a bit sour.


Today was the day when her biological daughter disappeared. Whenever this day came, her mood would be particularly downcast.


Over the years, Nie Jiqing devoted all her feelings and love for her biological daughter to Sheng Man.


From small to big, she would give Sheng Man whatever she wanted. She doted on Sheng Man as much as she could and gave her everything she could give.


As long as Sheng Man wanted something, the Sheng family would try their best to fulfill her request.


It seemed that only by doing so would the pain and regret in Nie Jiqing’s heart be reduced. She hoped that if someone had found her daughter they would treat her kindly in return.


Although Nie Jiqing loved Sheng Man very much, she always had a thought in her mind. Where was her biological daughter? She still wanted to find her.


But after so many years, she also knew that the possibility of finding her daughter was very slim.


With a feeling of emptiness, her eyes were full of unshed tears.


At this time, the butler came in and gently called out, “Madam… Madam….”


But Nie Jiqing didn’t react and was still immersed in her own thoughts.


After a while, Nie Jiqing recovered and asked, “What’s the matter?”


The butler sighed, knowing that Madame was missing her lost daughter again.


The butler thought of Mr. Sheng’s instruction, “Master has booked a ticket to an island for you to relax.”


Nie Jiqing took the ticket and looked at the destination. It was bound to an island in California.




After Sheng Man received the bag from Song Lie, the team immediately decided to let her carry it to the airport and posted photos on Weibo.


All of Sheng Man’s efforts to suppress Ye Zhi were wasted. Now, what they had to do was to arouse the netizens’ impression of Sheng Man’s wealth to turn the situation around.


As soon as the netizens saw the photos, they commented on them.


“Did I read it wrong? It seems that there are only three such bags in the world. They are very rare.”


“These bags are very difficult to buy. Many celebrities can’t buy it even if they want to. The people who can get this bag must have a background.”


“There are only three in the world? This bag is too precious! It looks so beautiful. I like watching Manman show-off her wealth.”


Regarding Sheng Man’s bag, some sharp-eyed netizens quickly summed up everything in several key messages.


There are only three such bags in the world. They cannot be bought even if one has money. The last one is in Sheng Man’s hands.


As Sheng Man’s agency thought, this publicity didn’t fail and it successfully diverted the netizens’ attention. Only few netizens would mention Sheng Man’s suppression of Ye Zhi anymore.


Everyone’s attention was on that bag. Sheng Man being wealthy and having a luxurious lifestyle once again engraved deeply into everyone’s heart.


Just as Sheng Man’s image was getting better, another news broke out.


Ye Zhi also appeared at the airport carrying a Himalayan crocodile leather bag!


Ye Zhi and Gu Ren were bound to Los Angeles Bay for a tour. As they were preparing to leave, Ye Zhi thought of Qin Ting’s suggestion. When she went out to have fun, she should carry this bag.


Ye Zhi didn’t think too much about it. Before she left, she took Qin Ting’s ‘not-so-expensive’ bag and set out.


At ordinary times, no one would notice what Ye Zhi was doing.
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