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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 48

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie


Netizens now tend to believe that what Sheng Man carried was genuine. No matter what the netizens’ reactions were, Sheng Man’s company didn’t respond.


They were happy that this topic about Sheng Man was getting more and more attention, and netizens had obviously forgotten about Sheng Man suppressing Ye Zhi.


At this moment, someone suddenly tweeted on Weibo, “I was at the Christie’s auction in Hong Kong. The last Himalayan crocodile diamond buckle leather bag was bought by the richest wife.”


As all know, the items that were being traded at Christie’s auction couldn’t be fake. That statement implied that the last genuine bag couldn’t be in Sheng Man’s hands.


The bag in Ye Zhi’s hand might be fake but the one in Sheng Man’s hand could never be the genuine bag.


The person who tweeted was Alisa, a certified debutante with more than 1 million fans. She came from an affluent family and often shared her life on Weibo.


Alisa also revealed the jewelry worth more than 7 million Yuan which she bought on the auction that night. These photos were the ironclad evidence of her presence at the auction.


As soon as this tweet appeared, it caused a great stir on Weibo.


Alisa’s words made it clear that the owner of the genuine bag was someone else, the richest man’s wife!


Alisa was famous for her beauty and wealth. As soon as she tweeted, numerous netizens swarmed over. They saw Alisa’s jewelries as well as photos of the auction.


So what Alisa said was absolutely true.


The internet immediately exploded and countless netizens had commented.


“What? Sheng Man’s bag turned out to be a fake! I never dreamed that the daughter of a plutocrat would also carry fake goods.”


“Sheng Man owes us an explanation! Now I wonder if the bags she carried before are authentic?”


“I always thought that Ye Zhi’s bag was fake but I never expected Sheng Man’s bag to be fake as well. Sheng Man lied!”


“Sheng Man is trying to mislead everyone into thinking that what she carries is the real bag. How could she do that?”


At the beginning, Sheng Man’s fans argued that Alisa was lying but Alisa’s fans couldn’t sit still and scolded Sheng Man.


Netizens’ opinion was also on Alisa’s side. The Sheng family was worth billions but Alisa’s family had more assets than the Sheng’s and she had also attended various auctions. How could she lie?


They just told the truth. Couldn’t Sheng Man accept the truth?


A lot of posts swarmed up overnight and the forum’s homepage was full of thread posts with Sheng Man carrying a fake bag.


【The lady of a plutocrat actually carried a fake bag! The nature of vanity was exposed!】


【The lady reveals the truth, the owner of the genuine bag is not Sheng Man!】


Nobody expected that Ye Zhi would be the least affected by the fake bag incident.


Everyone already knew that Ye Zhi’s financial situation was not very good as she never carried any luxury item. If someone found that Ye Zhi carried the genuine bag one day, it might cause heated discussion.


Now, everyone thought Ye Zhi’s bag being fake was reasonable.


Moreover, the photo taken of Ye Zhi’s bag made it clear that someone had snapshotted it secretly. She just carried a fake bag casually. What was the problem with that?


But the same thing with Sheng Man was completely different.


Judging from Sheng Man’s photos on Weibo, they were also taken at the airport. However, Sheng Man had made countless close-ups of the Himalayan crocodile leather bag.


She obviously wished to let everyone know that she was carrying the bag which was only three in the whole world.


Unfortunately, the truth had now been revealed by the lady.
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