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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 49

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Sheng Man’s image to the outside world was that of ‘Ms Perfect’. She had a lot of money but she still carried a counterfeit?


(T/N: ’Ms Perfect’ is an Internet slang for fair-skinned, rich and beautiful girl.)


Wasn’t her image collapsed? This didn’t fit Sheng Man’s character.


So now that the public opinion had suddenly rebounded, Sheng Man’s image had been greatly affected.


Sheng Man used to send expensive gifts to her fans on Weibo. After this incident, some fans began to doubt the authenticity of those things.


There were even some people who took the things given by Sheng Man for appraisal. After all, those makeup products were applied on the face. They couldn’t help but be cautious.


After Sheng Man’s team saw the comments of netizens, they immediately asked Sheng Man what was going on? Sheng Man was also at a loss, how could she think that Song Lie gave her a replica.


She also knew to herself that if the richest man’s wife got the genuine bag, the one she had must be fake.


This time she completely lost her face.


(Nyx: Love this line. Evil Laugh…)


The image of ‘Ms Perfect’ that she built up with painstaking efforts had been ruined by a fake bag? Although this matter would pass in the future, it would leave a crack in everyone’s heart.


Sheng Man didn’t receive much work in the first place. What she was being remembered for by the public was her rich life. Later, the reason why she had so many fans was because of her wealth.


The fans who were attracted by money would eventually be lost because of money.


Sheng Man suddenly realized that once she lost the aspects she was proud of, what would she have left?


She would have nothing.


Her family, her false career supported by money… She would lose everything one by one.


Sheng Man clenched her fists and made up her mind, she would never leave the rich life of the Sheng family. She was a member of the Sheng family now and would always be.


Even if the Sheng family’s biological daughter came back one day, she would firmly occupy her position and would never give up.




Ye Zhi was oblivious of the netizens’ comments about her and Sheng Man carrying fake bags. She took a good sleep on the plane to Los Angeles.


When Ye Zhi still had an agency, her assistant would definitely inform her whenever such an incident happened. But now she was all alone and she didn’t pay much attention to online news.


Moreover, Ye Zhi had been thinking about what she should buy for Gu Ren after getting off the plane. For her, the comments of netizens online were not hurtful.


Ye Zhi got off the plane and went straight to Gu family’s villa. In order to avoid suspicion, Ye Zhi came to Los Angeles one day in advance. Gu Ren did not come with her.


Ye Zhi rested in the villa for a while. Then she went out with the card Gu Ren gave her, ready to go shopping happily.


The Gu family knew of Ye Zhi’s thoughts and specially assigned her a car. Once Ye Zhi finished shopping, she put the things in the car and returned to the mall to continue shopping.


The driver followed Ye Zhi’s orders and dropped her wherever she wanted.


Now that she had gone abroad, Ye Zhi didn’t disguise herself too much and went out with just a mask on. She thought that her fans were not that many and nobody would recognise her abroad.


“Wrap up all these shirts.”
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