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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 5




Ye Zhi couldn’t hold back and asked, “Including me borrowing your fame to propel my career?”


Ye Zhi remembered the behaviour of the former ‘Ye Zhi’. She wouldn’t do something like that again but she wasn’t sure that her agency would not use Gu Ren to hype things up.


With Gu Ren’s popularity, she could achieve her goals more easily.


Gu Ren looked up and his dark eyes passed over Ye Zhi’s face as he said, “I don’t care.”


Ye Zhi was silent for a moment and said, “We are not related to each other in terms of my career.”


Ye Zhi’s unexpected answer put Gu Ren into slight trance but he immediately nodded and agreed.


From this moment, the agreement between Ye Zhi and Gu Ren came into effect and they became a nameless couple for a year.


After Ye Zhi and Gu Ren signed the contract, she stayed at the Gu family’s residence.


Gu Ren sent someone to bring Ye Zhi’s stuff over. He also said to Ye Zhi “If you need anything, you can always find the housekeeper.”


Everything happened so suddenly. That night, Ye Zhi tossed and turned. She couldn’t fall asleep. She got up from the bed and turned on the TV.


“Sheng Man, the daughter of the Sheng family, has millions of fans. Do you want to know how Sheng Man’s life is?”


“At the age of 18, she appeared at the Paris Prom, and at the age of 20, she entered the entertainment industry…”


What was playing on the TV was a reality show with Sheng Man as the leading role, Sheng Man’s life.


In the book…


What’s the most ironic was that when Ye Zhi (original daughter of the Sheng family) grew up and had just entered the entertainment world, she became a substitute for Sheng Man.


Even if Ye Zhi was now an 18th-line star, there would always be people who laughed at her with the fact that she was once a substitute for Sheng Man.


Sheng Man’s temperament was arrogant and she would not allow her substitute to hang out in the entertainment circle. In the future, when she found out that Ye Zhi was the Sheng family’s biological daughter, she severed all the possibilities of her contacting the Sheng Family.


When sheYe Zhiappeared in this world, many things quietly changed because of her. She would never let herself fall into the tragic end of the book.


But for now, all she had to do was to fulfill the contract with Gu Ren.


Ye Zhi retracted her thoughts and her eyes fell on the TV again. The advertisement was over and “Sheng Man’s Life” began to air.
The next day, Ye Zhi woke up in Gu Ren’s home and decided to take the 10 million card with her to fulfill her side of the contract: To help him spend money.


Ye Zhi took out her mask and hat from her bag and went out in large strides.


Although the original owner of the body was not popular, she was notorious for using Gu Ren to hype. Among the many female stars who wanted to get in touch with Gu Ren, the original owner’s behaviour was the most excessive.


A few days ago, the original Ye Zhi pretended to be a fan of Gu Ren and intentionally took a photo with him. As soon as she got the photo, she immediately posted it online and pretended to be Gu Ren’s girlfriend.


This behaviour of the original Ye Zhi caused public wrath. Gu Ren’s fans chased after her and urged her to be upright and not to do any more wrong things.


Now the original Ye Zhi was gone and the present Ye Zhi had to deal with those things. Ye Zhi didn’t want to be recognized by Gu Ren’s fans, or she wouldn’t be able to spend her day peacefully.


Ye Zhi didn’t own a car. She took a taxi to the nearby shopping mall. Since she received such a large sum of money from Gu Ren, she had to figure out where to spend these ten million Yuan.


Ye Zhi entered a coffee shop with only a few people in it. Ye Zhi ordered a cup of coffee and sat in the corner.


Ye Zhi had been strolling around for a while but she still hadn’t figured out how to spend money.

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