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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 50

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

As soon as she entered the shop, Ye Zhi thought of Gu Ren’s appearance and chose several clothes suitable for him. Ye Zhi pointed at several shirts and bought them without even asking for the price. She was going to pay by card.


Several shopping bags laid beside Ye Zhi’s feet. At a glance, one could see that she had bought a lot of stuff. Just by walking here and there, Ye Zhi spent almost a few millions.


When Ye Zhi was paying, a tourist in the shop frequently peered at her. She looked at her suspiciously several times and then secretly took out her mobile phone.


The female tourist came to Los Angeles for a holiday. She didn’t expect to see Ye Zhi here, and inside a men’s clothing store.


The price of men’s apparel in this shop were not cheap and the bags beside Ye Zhi’s feet were all luxury brands. Ye Zhi even had bought so many.


Under the cover of ornaments, the tourist secretly took photos of Ye Zhi paying.


She also specially photographed the men’s clothes hanging behind Ye Zhi and the bags of luxury brands beside her feet, it was all captured in the same frame.


Ye Zhi was unaware that someone had just taken photos of her buying men’s clothes. She went straight out of the shop to go to the next one.




The airport at 3 AM was silent, as one could hear a needle drop. The early autumn had arrived and so the air was cold.


But the silence was soon broken as a plane landed and a VIP passenger came out of the exit. The fans who stayed at the airport all night began to hold up their banners and waited anxiously.


The incomparably quiet atmosphere suddenly boiled up and the noise gradually increased. The passengers who were still sitting in the airplane were frightened by the fan’s sudden commotion.


The originally empty airport was now full of fans but the fans were all lined up in an orderly manner and there was no crowding and trampling.


Each fan held a flashlight and a banner in their hands as they stared at the exit expectantly.


When the slender figure appeared, the fans, who seemed to have rehearsed it before, called out a name in unison.


Gu Ren.


“Gu Ren, look here!”


“Gu Ren, we will always support you!”


Gu Ren didn’t tell his fans about his flight’s itinerary but someone saw him on the plane and immediately posted the news on the internet.


As the popularity of Gu Ren was too high, the news spread on the internet like wildfire. It was immediately reposted by Gu Ren’s fans numerous times.


It’s only a short time from Gu Ren’s flight to New York. Gu Ren’s overseas fans were still able to gather in large numbers and occupy an entire airport.


Gu Ren had a black mask on his face but one could still see his clear and deep eyes. His tall nose bridge was half covered by the mask. But even with all of this, his fans could still recognize him.


Gu Ren wore plain clothes. He just wore a black shirt with the sleeves folded up, revealing his thin wrists.


Faced with the fans who suddenly appeared at the airport, Gu Ren was only stunned for a few seconds before waving at them with a smile.


It was just such a subtle action that made the fans scream a bit higher instantly. They desperately shook the flashlights in their hands as if to make their idol aware of their existence.


Even if the fans wanted to see Gu Ren more, they still maintained order at the scene giving Gu Ren a way to leave.


Gu Ren said goodbye to his fans and left the airport in his private car.
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