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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 51

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Gu Ren’s arrival at New York Airport seemed to be just a small episode. However, news of Gu Ren arriving in the United States immediately became a hot search the next day.


The people who had searched about Gu Ren, at the same time, also searched about Ye Zhi!


It was not the first time that Ye Zhi and Gu Ren entered into Hot Searches together. Last time, it was all because of Ye Zhi trying to hype up her popularity, but now it’s about speculations of their love affair.


The day before Gu Ren arrived in New York, Ye Zhi also came to the United States. They both went to the United States immediately after the shooting was all done which really made netizens suspicious.


“Is Gu Ren really in love with Ye Zhi? Otherwise, the time is too coincidental.”


“Was it because they fell in love with each other when they were filming ‘Noble Clan’? Are they going on a date abroad?”


“Is it possible that Ye Zhi knew of the idol’s itinerary in advance and went to the United States to hype?”


There were a lot of controversies about their actions on the internet. Even the photos of last time where Ye Zhi sent the injured Gu Ren to the hospital were dug out. Everyone was thinking that they were in love with each other.


However, this discussion did not last long, and soon some netizens retracted their previous comments.


Because of Gu Ren’s company posting a photo on Weibo, it was a photo of Gu Ren and his father Gu Zhihe.


Gu Zhihe had a branch in New York and the photo was taken in his office. Gu Corporation happened to have an event these days which needed Gu Ren to attend.


Netizens realized that this was most likely the reason why Gu Ren went to New York, and the absurd love affair with Ye Zhi was just a farce.


Shortly afterwards, Gu Ren appeared in a press conference held by Gu Corporation which reassured netizens of their doubt.


“It’s all just a coincidence. Gu Ren won’t be together with Ye Zhi. The press conference has been released. Both of them going to the United States is just a coincidence.”


“Don’t forget, apart from being a renowned actor, Gu Ren was also the son of the richest man in the country.”


Netizens’ speculations about Ye Zhi’s and Gu Ren’s itineraries gradually subsided. Gu Ren’s PR team dealt with the matter fast. Gu Ren was also aware of the news going on the internet.


Gu Ren had been cautious about his actions but he still caused trouble for Ye Zhi and made everyone curse her.


They had a one-year contract duration in which their relationship could not be exposed. After the contract ends, they would separate amicably so Gu Ren didn’t want to put Ye Zhi in the eye of the storm.


To avoid further complications, Gu Ren decided to use his family’s private plane to go to Los Angeles.


When Gu Ren appeared on the private airport ramp, someone was already waiting. An airplane was parked on the lawn, and all the staff were waiting for him.


“Young master, the plane is ready for departure at any time.”


Gu Ren nodded a little, got on the private plane, and then closed the plug door.


Before long, a pure white plane took off from Gu’s airport and flew to Los Angeles where Ye Zhi was.


Thus, the suspicion that Gu Ren was Ye Zhi’s boyfriend came to an end.


However just as Gu Ren flew to Los Angeles on his private plane, news about Ye Zhi having a foreign boyfriend became a hot topic.


Just after rumors regarding Gu Ren and Ye Zhi’s love came to an end, this incident broke out immediately. This news became the top Hot Search in a short time.


Netizens’ guesses about Ye Zhi having a foreign boyfriend were all based on a photo taken by a tourist.


The tourist uploaded a photo of Ye Zhi on his Weibo, in which only the side face of Ye Zhi was photographed.
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