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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 56

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

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The next day, a group of people went to New York Fashion Week. Gu Ren told Robin to find a foreign photographer whom they knew and ask him to take a picture of Ye Zhi.


This foreign photographer often posted casually taken good-looking photographs on Instagram.


Ye Zhi wasn’t invited for the photo shoot. If she was photographed, others would only think that Ye Zhi was passing by and the photographer took her photo casually.


Everything was ready.


Soon, some netizens found out that the photographer who often took random pictures of people in foreign countries had updated the album of ordinary people on Instagram.


This time, Ye Zhi was actually in the photo and she was wearing a men’s garb! It was the suit which she bought for her ‘foreign boyfriend’.


There were three photos of her posted.


In the first two photos, Ye Zhi was wearing a men’s garb and had a drink in her hand. It seemed that the photographer accidentally took a picture of Ye Zhi while he was walking around.


In the last photo, Ye Zhi faced sideways. She wore a black men’s hat on her head. The brim of the hat was slightly lowered, revealing a pair of beautiful eyes.


Her black hair was hidden in the hat but a few strands were scattered on the cheeks, giving her a bit of playfulness and a bit of heroic spirit. Her body was lean and her temperament was very good.


Just as Gu Ren taught, Ye Zhi took the most natural photos with the most natural gesture, without any trace of fakeness.


Everyone was already paying attention to Ye Zhi’s news. They wanted to know who Ye Zhi’s foreign boyfriend was.


As soon as they heard the news about Ye Zhi, they were about to rush in and scold Ye Zhi. Who would have expected to see such a set of photos?


Who was this handsome and stylish young man with an outstanding temperament in the picture? They took a closer look. “Oh no! this is not a young man, but Ye Zhi.”


“What is Ye Zhi wearing? Isn’t this the man’s shirt for her boyfriend? Were the things not the same as we imagined?”


Everyone looked at Ye Zhi’s photos carefully. More they looked at Ye Zhi’s face, the more beautiful they found it.


“It turns out that Ye Zhi bought men’s clothes for herself. This picture is mainstream among female stars.”


“It turns out that Ye Zhi bought the men’s shirt for herself.”


“Am I the only one who feels that Ye Zhi hasn’t been a demon recently. She just bought herself a dress and was roasted again.”


“I suddenly feel that Ye Zhi is so handsome. Her temperament is so clean. It is completely different from before. At this moment, I suddenly wanted to be Ye Zhi’s face dog.”


(T/N: The so-called face dog is a person who has a special affection for good-looking persons but who does not look good. They only care more about appearance and are more fascinated by beautiful appearance.)


“Please give me a dozen of these men’s clothes!”


It turned out Ye Zhi went to the men’s clothing store not to buy clothes for her boyfriend. She bought men’s shirts not for others, but for herself.


Moreover, who was Ye Zhi’s foreign boyfriend? Where was he? Was there any photo with two of them together? There was nothing. Her relationship status was as clean as a piece of blank paper.


Only just with the photo of Ye Zhi buying a man’s shirt, the onlookers, who were interested in the spectacle but didn’t have anything knowledgeable to say about it, stamped Ye Zhi for having a boyfriend.
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