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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 57

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Because Ye Zhi had used Gu Ren to hype before, everyone pointed fingers at her. Though, most netizens sympathize with Ye Zhi this time.


Ye Zhi had a bad reputation so everyone thought that whatever she did was wrong. However, this time, she was really wronged.


Some people even began to like Ye Zhi because of her looks. Ye Zhi who had always been infamous on the internet had unexpectedly gained some fans.


Ye Zhi was relieved to see that everything was going according to Gu Ren’s idea.


Ye Zhi thought that since she wore the clothes she initially bought for Gu Ren, she had to buy new clothes for him again


And without Gu Ren’s help this time, things would not be solved so simply so she wanted to thank Gu Ren.


After Ye Zhi made the decision, she began to prepare. This time, she made a complete disguise. She wore a hat, sunglasses, black mask and dark clothes.


After wrapping herself up from head to toe, to make sure she would not be recognized, Ye Zhi headed out for Fifth Avenue in New York.


She took a lot of time before deciding to buy Ferragamo shoes, an Ermenegildo Zegna suit. Everything was brand new.


Ye Zhi walked out of the store carrying a big bag and a small bag. She hoped that Gu Ren would like these things and they would help him in preventing the disaster at the same time.


After buying the gift for Gu Ren, Ye Zhi returned to the hotel where she stayed. Shortly after returning to the hotel, Ye Zhi’s mobile phone vibrated and a message popped up.


I’ll send someone to pick you up tomorrow. After that, you will travel by private plane.


The message was sent by Gu Ren, Ye Zhi had no opinion and immediately agreed. It’s a pity that she had to change her holiday destination because of netizens’ comments.


The yacht she had rented for Gu Ren could not be put to use. Ye Zhi had to start packing. The things she bought for Gu Ren had to be carried over.


The next day, just as Ye Zhi finished packing, there was a knock at the door outside the room. Ye Zhi opened the door and a woman in her early forties stood outside.


“I’m Steward Li. The young master asked me to drop you at the airport.” Steward Li said with a smile.


Ye Zhi didn’t need to do anything at all. The people brought by Steward Li helped her carry all her luggage and her gifts to Gu Ren downstairs.


Ye Zhi’ s car was parked outside the hotel. The car drove to the airport ramp from where she would go to California.


This was Ye Zhi’s first time to board a private plane. There were all kinds of drinks and desserts. At a glance, it can be seen that they were specially prepared for Ye Zhi.


The clouds outside the window rolled as if they were within reach. Ye Zhi picked a few snacks and placed them in front of her, drinking fresh juice while flipping the latest magazine.


Time passed and Ye Zhi arrived in California soon.


After getting off the private plane, a driver sent by Gu Ren’s family had been waiting outside. Seeing Ye Zhi coming out, he respectfully said.


“Young madam, young master asked me to pick you up. The Gu family has a villa here, young master is already waiting for you there.”


Ye Zhi learned from the driver that Santa Catalina Island was a relatively unpopular island. The Gu family liked the tranquility here so they bought a holiday villa and yachts here.


The driver took the gift bag from Ye Zhi’s and led her over, “If young madam is hungry, you can have a meal nearby first. I will keep them for you.”


Ye Zhi nodded and followed the driver to a golf cart.


The foundation of the island was very shallow. One couldn’t take a larger vehicle, you could only take a golf cart to travel the island.


Ye Zhi sat on the golf cart. The sun was shining brightly, the breeze was warm and this quiet atmosphere made people relax.
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