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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 59

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

—Mr. Gu, have you seen the present I bought for you?


Then, the mobile phone vibrated again and the next message came in. The vibration produced a crisp and numb feeling that seemed to spread from his fingers to his palm.


While reading the text message, Gu Ren’s lips curled upward which did not conceal his pleasant mood.


—I have helped you spend more than a million. I hope you can have a safe and peaceful life.


All the fatigue in Gu Ren’s eyes seemed to have disappeared. He looked sideways at the bags in the living room. The bags were placed in a row.


However, when Gu Ren saw the bags in the row, his eyebrows unconsciously furrowed. Gu Ren stretched out his hand and pinched between the eyebrows. He was feeling a little uneasy for no apparent reason.


Gu Ren looked out of the window. Today’s weather was very good. The warm sunshine passed through the window and fell on the floor.


Ye Zhi’s previous crisis was also resolved and there seemed to be nothing to worry about in the near future.


Gu Ren quickly put aside this feeling and sent Ye Zhi a reply.


—Thank you very much, Mrs. Gu.


In the restaurant, Ye Zhi received Gu Ren’s message and her lips curled up inadvertently. Her attention was focused on Gu Ren’s message.


At this time, Nie Jiqing had just walked out of a gallery and her eyes suddenly fell on a candy store not far away.


Nie Jiqing fell into a trance. As if demons and gods were at work, she stopped walking away and walked straight into the candy store, because at that moment, she thought of her daughter.


(T/N: “Demons and gods at work” means an unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation.)


In Nie Jiqing’s memory, her daughter was still in her childhood appearance and still liked eating sweets.


Nie Jiqing chose a box of candy. Just as she was about to pay for it, her eyes fell on the restaurant opposite. Her body went stiff.


There was a girl in her early twenties sitting at the dining table by the window. She was dressed very simply but still looked very pretty.


The girl had her head down and a few strands of long hair behind her ears were hanging on the side of her face. She reached out her hand and pulled it back casually, revealing her entire face.


Nie Jiqing didn’t know what had happened. Her heart was beating hard suddenly and her eyes began to get unfocused.


“Ma’am… Ma’am, are you fine?” A voice filled with anxiety entered Nie Jiqing’s ears.


Nie Jiqing suddenly came back to her senses and looked at the worried cashier. She had been distracted for a long time so the cashier thought that she was not feeling well.


Nie Jiqing said sorry and took the candy bag from the cashier. After paying, she walked out of the candy store immediately.


Nie Jiqing looked in the direction where Ye Zhi was sitting just now and found that there was no one sitting by the window. The girl just disappeared.


For some unknown reason, Nie Jiqing started to panic subconsciously as if she had lost something precious.


She looked to the left and right sides of the street. At this time, there were only a few people on the street and the figure of the girl was not in it.


Nie Jiqing immediately went to the reception of the restaurant, “Where did the girl sitting at that dinner table go?”


Receptionist answered in a little puzzled tone, “She left after paying the bill.”


Nie Jiqing realized that she had lost her mind. She calmed herself and left the restaurant.


Nie Jiqing understood that she was in a bad state today. Maybe she missed her daughter too much. Nie Jiqing stopped thinking about this matter and was ready to go home and take a rest.
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