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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 6

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx

“Ye Zhi is really a haunting soul. She is everywhere!”


“My idol is so pitiful, but I can’t stop that woman’s pursuits.”


The angry voice of the table next door drifted into Ye Zhi’s ears. She didn’t expect to meet Gu Ren’s fans just after she went out.


Alas, why does Gu Ren have so many fans?


Ye Zhi lowered her head and touched the mask on her face to make sure that her face was covered entirely. She continued to eavesdrop to the conversation between those female high school students.


“My idol just doesn’t want to argue with her.”


“Well, I really don’t want to see her on TV anymore. How can such a person have fans?”


“Fortunately, we all know that our idol will not be with such a woman!”


But they didn’t know that Ye Zhi who was being verbally abused by them had married their idol. Moreover, their idol had given her 10 million Yuan to spend.


In order to help Gu Ren spend money to prevent disasters, the money must be spent properly.


When Ye Zhi was thinking hard about how to spend the money, she saw an advertisement for a car show outside the window. Her eyes immediately brightened and a thought came to her mind.


Since this ten million was to be spent on Gu Ren, it was better to buy a sports car in his name.


Fortunately, Ye Zhi had already prepared in advance. When she went out in the morning, she asked Gu Ren for his ID card.


Gu Ren didn’t ask for the reasons why but facing his dark eyes, Ye Zhi unconsciously began to explain. This was the first day of their cooperation and everything she paid for was registered in his name.


Ye Zhi originally planned to continue explaining but Gu Ren gave her the ID card without much fuss.


Although Ye Zhi and Gu Ren lived under the same roof, they were only relatively familiar strangers to each other.


But Gu Ren’s unconditional trust in her was really pleasant. Ye Zhi also began to understand that those who were Gu Ren’s diehard fans did not only like Gu Ren’s by his looks but also by his personality


As long as Gu Ren appeared in the camera, he should be able to attract a lot of fans.


Sitting at the cafe, Ye Zhi heard again the voice of Gu Ren’s fans behind her. She lowered her face and checked if her masks and sunglasses were still in place before she got up and left.


At the car show, Ye Zhi circled around and looked at the price of each sports car. At the end, she finally chose a Lamborghini.


Ye Zhi paid the full amount on the spot, and in a flash, seven million was spent.


After walking around for a whole day, Ye Zh finally succeeded in expending money and she began to feel relieved that she did not disappoint Gu Ren’s trust in her.


The salesclerk did not expect Ye Zhi to be so generous. She paid it in full without asking for a discount. Ye Zhi wore sunglasses and a mask to conceal her identity but these were not taken into consideration by the salesclerk.


In the eyes of the salesclerk, rich people had strange hobbies. She bought a Lamborghini for a lot of money and covered her face all the time. She just might not want to attract too much attention.


After paying, the salesclerk smiled and told Ye Zhi that the car could be picked up within a week.


When Ye Zhi left the car show, only three million were left.


After Ye Zhi finished the task, she went straight home. When Ye Zhi was wearing slippers, the sound of a car came from the yard. Ye Zhi looked back, Gu Ren returned.


Gu Ren parked the car and as soon as he walked into the living room, he saw Ye Zhi sitting on the sofa and looking at him with a smile. When he entered the door just now, Gu Ren noticed Ye Zhi’s shoes. He knew Ye Zhi had returned.


Ye Zhi waved to Gu Ren “I have something to tell you.”


Her tone contained a sense of joy that she didn’t even notice.


Gu Ren sat across the Ye Zhi.


“I bought you a Lamborghini.” Ye Zhi added, “By using your money.”


“Take a look!” Ye Zhi took out a piece of paper from the bag next to her and handed it to the opposite sitting Gu Ren.


Gu Ren took the paper from Ye Zhi’s hand and glanced casually.


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