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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 63

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Ye Zhi glanced at Gu Ren’s messy clothes. The wet clothes were clinging to his body closely. He had fallen into the water and would catch a cold if he continued to be like this.


Ye Zhi asked anxiously, “Will you catch a cold being like that?”


Gu Ren followed Ye Zhi’s line of sight and found her staring at his shirt.


Gu Ren didn’t speak. He looked down at his clothes and then glanced up at Ye Zhi. His eyes seemed to be saying:


You want me to take this off here?


Gu Ren hadn’t spoken yet but Ye Zhi subconsciously felt something was wrong. Before she fully understood what was going on, Gu Ren opened his mouth and said in a meaningful tone.


“Are you sure?”


Ye Zhi suddenly understood what he was talking about and her ears turned red. She immediately turned around to go inside the yacht, leaving a sentence behind. “I’ll bring you a towel.”


Gu Ren raised his eyebrow.


After a while, Ye Zhi came over with a bath towel and her look had returned to normal. She handed the towel to Gu Ren, “You should dry yourself first.”


Although it was a little hot now, it was easy to get sick under the blowing wind.


Gu Ren took the towel and wiped his hair nonchalantly. His slender hands passed through his black hair casually and his movements were somewhat lazy.


After wiping his hair, Gu Ren started to wipe his body. He lowered his head and the towel ran over him casually. Although his movements were not heavy, it still pulled his clothes.


Gu Ren raised his hand slightly causing his shirt to turn up, vaguely revealing his waistline. He immediately pulled it down and fixed his shirt.


Ye Zhi blushed and immediately closed her eyes. Her voice sounded a little stiff as she said, “Don’t… Don’t forget to change into dry clothes later.”


After finishing this sentence, Ye Zhi left directly. Compared with just now, her movements were more rapid and her footsteps were a little flustered.


Gu Ren failed to understand what had happened, so he blankly stood there with a towel in his hands and doubt on his face.


After that, Ye Zhi did not come out anymore. Gu Ren drove back the yacht and went back to the villa.


When they arrived at the villa, the butler came out to greet them. When he saw Ye Zhi, he didn’t notice anything different. However when he saw Gu Ren, he found that his hair was wet.


The butler asked nervously, “What’s the matter, young master?”


Just as Ye Zhi was about to speak, Gu Ren suddenly pulled her arm and shook his head slightly towards her. Gu Ren then looked at the butler and said, “Nothing happened, you go and rest.”


After walking some distance, Gu Ren let go of his hand and said to Ye Zhi while looking at her, “I don’t want them to worry.”


Ye Zhi understood Gu Ren’s concerns. He didn’t want his family to know about him falling into the water. So Ye Zhi nodded and agreed.


As they both went upstairs. Ye Zhi thought about it and said, “You should go take a shower first. If you are not feeling well, let me know.”


Gu Ren, “Okay.”


Gu Ren went to his room while Ye Zhi walked to the kitchen and didn’t return to her room.  Although Gu Ren said that he was all right, she was still not at ease.


Since Gu Ren fell into the water, of course, it was easy to catch a cold. Ye Zhi was going to prepare him a cup of ginger cola to avoid catching a cold.


After the ginger cola was done, she immediately delivered it to his room.
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