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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 69

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Ye Zhi’s face sank. She didn’t want to argue with someone but this saleswoman was so snobbish and had such a bad attitude. She had to teach this woman a lesson.


Although Ye Zhi was angry, she still maintained a smile outside. She leisurely put down the Kelly bag and turned slowly to look at Sarah.


Ye Zhi asked in a cold voice, “Are these bags really not for sale, or do you simply not want to sell them to me?”


Sarah did not speak but lifted her chin high which had already explained her attitude.


Ye Zhi approached a few steps and indifferently glanced at Sarah, “I intended to buy a bag but I didn’t expect to meet someone like you.”


“If Hermes has a salesperson like you, even the best bag will become worthless.”


Yi Zhi continued, “There are customers coming in the store but you don’t want to do business. I have never heard of such unreasonable rules in the Hermes store!”


Sarah was a little stunned. Ye Zhi was very imposing at the moment. Was she wrong? This person was actually rich?!


At this time, another shop assistant, Lucy, just returned to the store. She saw the tense atmosphere and knew that Sarah had angered the customer.


Lucy poured a cup of hot water and walked to Ye Zhi, her voice was apologetic, “Excuse me, what would you like to buy?”


Ye Zhi knew about the unspoken rule (Peihuo practice) for buying Hermes bags. If she wanted to buy a Kelly bag in this store, she may have to spend millions on other things.


(T/N: Worldwide, it is known that customers need to establish a great long-term relationship with the brand’s salespeople to show their loyalty before becoming eligible to purchase a Birkin handbag. In China, the way to build this relationship is specific. In what Chinese customers call as a “Peihuo” practice, they need to reach a certain level of consumption — typically purchasing the brand’s accessories — with a specific salesperson at a specific store. Read all about this Here.)


Ye Zhi glanced at Sarah and suddenly an idea crossed her mind.


She would not only continue to spend money in front of Sarah but she would also give her credits to another person.


Ye Zhi pointed to the Kelly bag on the display shelf, “I want to buy this Kelly bag, how much do I need to spend?”


Lucy had a good attitude and said politely, “This bag needs 150,000 dollars.”


Sarah was even more disdainful, this only needed 150,000 dollars but could she afford it?


Ye Zhi said calmly, “Okay, then I’ll go and choose some bracelets and scarves.”


As soon as Lucy heard this, she understood that Ye Zhi was really planning to buy a bag. She immediately said with a smile on her face, “Miss, please follow me. Accessories are this way.”


An unbelievable expression appeared on Sarah’s face. ‘What? Is she really here to buy a bag?’


As Ye Zhi passed by Sarah, she deliberately slowed down and glanced at her indifferently, “I don’t know who was saying that the bags here are not for sale?”


Sarah froze.


Ye Zhi smiled, but the smile was very cold, “So, how is this bag being sold again?”


Sarah’s face turned pale. She looked down on Ye Zhi and deliberately said that bags are not for sales. Now Ye Zhi returned the same sentence to her and she had nothing to say.


Ye Zhi no longer looked at Sarah. Lucy led her and showed the accessories. Ye Zhi picked a few scarves and two bracelets, “Wrap these up for me first.”


When Sarah saw that Ye Zhi didn’t hesitate while speaking, she understood that Ye Zhi was really a big client. Her intestines turned green with regret.


If she had known Ye Zhi was rich, she would not have done so.


At this time, Gu Ren walked into the store and his eyes roamed around, trying to find Ye Zhi.


Sarah saw Gu Ren coming in. She felt that although Gu Ren was wearing a hat and sunglasses, he was really elegant.


Sarah didn’t recognize Gu Ren’s identity. Her eyes fell on Gu Ren’s hands and her heart suddenly shook.
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