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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 7

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx

“I also rented a yacht for you. When you’re done filming, you can just relax,” said Ye Zhi.


A yacht was very luxurious. It costs three million Yuan a week.


After Ye Zhi spent 7 million Yuan, she felt more confident. And the remaining 3 million Yuan was easily spent soon. The 10 million Yuan was spent just like that.


Ye Zhi realized that she had the potential to be a prodigal daughter. Fortunately, the Gu family had money and could withstand such spending.


All the money was spent on Gu Ren. Ye Zhi finished this big task and her entire body relaxed. She took a breath of relief and leaned lazily on the sofa.


Gu Ren raised his eyebrows and smiled. He looked at Ye Zhi and his eyes darkened.


Ye Zhi really surprised him. The ten million Yuan he gave her had all been spent on him, but she looked relaxed.


After a while, a clear and low voice sounded, “You did a good job, thank you.”


Ye Zhi didn’t expect that Gu Ren would thank her for spending money. She immediately sat up straight and smiled at Gu Ren, “Happy cooperation.”



The Lamborghini bought by Ye Zhi had arrived and had now been delivered to Gu Ren’s home. When Grandfather Gu heard that Ye Zhi bought a Lamborghini for Gu Ren, he couldn’t sit still.


Eversince Grandfather Gu knew that Gu Ren took Ye Zhi home. He had always wanted to come and see what Ye Zhi was like.


Grandfather Gu had listened to Zhao Tianshi’s divination and knew that only Ye Zhi could help Gu Ren endure the disaster. So he took Zhao Tianshi with him and went to Gu Ren’s house.


Ye Zhi was stunned when she went downstairs. She had no idea that so many people would come today.


There were three people sitting on the sofa, Gu Ren, Grandfather Gu and a middle-aged man.


Ye Zhi’s gaze fell on Gu Ren, who was half leaning on the sofa. His eyes were closed and he seemed tired. Even though Gu Ren just sat there, those long legs of his were very eye-catching.


At this time, Grandfather Gu opened his mouth, “So you are Ye Zhi.”


Upon hearing the voice of Grandfather Gu, Gu Ren slowly opened his eyes and stared at Ye Zhi.


Ye Zhi nodded and politely said, “Hello, Grandpa Gu.”


She didn’t know why Grandfather Gu suddenly came here.


Grandfather Gu looked at Ye Zhi and felt that she really looked good with Gu Ren.


Grandfather Gu pointed at the man next to him and introduced, “This is Zhao Tianshi.”


Ye Zhi looked at him. Zhao Tianshi was wearing a tunic and had a long beard on his face.


Ye Zhi knew that some rich people were superstitious. The more wealth they have, the more they believe in superstition. Ye Zhi nodded towards Zhao Tianshi.


Zhao Tianshi came toward Ye Zhi and asked, “Miss Ye, will you mind if I look at your hand?”


Ye Zhi replied, “No, off course not. Please.”


Ye Zhi stretched out her hand. Zhao Tianshi looked at it for a moment and rubbed his long beard. He nodded and said, “Not bad, Miss Ye has a very good life.”


He looked at Gu Ren again and asked, “Young Master Gu?”


Gu Ren’s eyes were closed. He didn’t raise his hand and didn’t speak. Obviously he did not believe these things.


Grandfather Gu said helplessly, “Gu Ren, you know how much I care about this.”


Gu Ren’s thin lips clenched. After a few seconds, he sighed slightly. Although he was not superstitious, he cared about the feelings of his family.


Gu Ren reached out his hand slowly, his palms were clear and his skin was cold and white.


Master Zhao Tianshi looked for a while, and nodded with satisfaction. He turned to look at Grandfather Gu and said firmly, “Grandfather Gu, Miss Ye is the right person for Young Master Gu.”


Grandfather Gu smiled at the revelation..


Ye Zhi wondered, “What kind of person?”
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