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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 71

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Sarah’s face turned ugly.


Lucy smiled, “There is indeed a Birkin bag in the store. I will take you to get other accessories first.”


Ye Zhi picked up something and went to Gu Ren’s side. Gu Ren saw her and asked, “Have you chosen?”


Ye Zhi nodded.


After getting Ye Zhi’s affirmative reply, Gu Ren took out a black card and handed it to Lucy.


Then Gu Ren’s clear voice sounded in the air, “Swipe this card.”


Sarah’s eyes almost popped out. This… this was a black card!


This man let Lucy swipe this card. Not to mention a Birkin bag, they could afford even tens of Birkin bags.


This woman first bought a Kelly bag, then a Birkin bag and now she took out a black card…


Ye Zhi refreshed Sarah’s understanding again and again. She really regretted it now, what a big customer she had missed!


Ye Zhi didn’t care what Sarah had in mind and thought to herself, she had bought two bags now. Although it only cost a few hundred thousands, she had still successfully spent money.


This would definitely play a role for Gu Ren.


After Gu Ren paid, Lucy led Gu Ren and Ye Zhi into another room. She asked them to wait here as she went to fetch the Birkin bag from the warehouse.


After a while, Lucy came back and handed the bag to Ye Zhi. Gu Ren helped Ye Zhi carry the bag and the two walked out of the Hermes boutique.


Gu Ren first took Ye Zhi to the mall. She went directly to the Chanel store and bought a dress for herself.


After coming out of the mall, Gu Ren suddenly said, “The Bugatti antique car is on display, do you want to see it?”


Although Ye Zhi was not sure about the exhibit Gu Ren had just said, she felt that she needed to find the opportunity to spend money.


No matter how much money was spent on her, she would never be able to repay Gu Ren. If the experiment was really successful, she and Gu Ren would be in the right direction.


Ye Zhi just hesitated for a few seconds before nodding, “OK, let’s go and have a look.”


Gu Ren helped Ye Zhi open the car door and then sat in the driver’s seat. He quickly started the car, “The exhibit will be held in the home of a rich businessman, Wang Zong.”


Ye Zhi learned from Gu Ren that the wealthy merchant, Wang Zong, had spent 50 million Yuan to buy a Bugatti antique car which would be displayed in his exhibit where anyone with an invitation could enter.


In fact, Wang Zong invited so many people to sell the luxury car at a higher price. During the event, you could also make some connections.


Gu Ren turned the steering wheel. The car took a turn and his lips curled upward, “It’s just in front.”


Ye Zhi followed Gu Ren’s line of sight. A single-family house was decorated in a magnificent style. There were several luxury cars parked outside the house. They should all be invited.


Ye Zhi took out two pairs of sunglasses from her bag. There would be a lot of people from China in the exhibition so it’s better to be safe than sorry. She handed one to Gu Ren while wearing the other one.


After wearing the sunglasses, they got out of the car. Before they reached the entrance, Ye Zhi and Gu Ren were stopped by the security.


“Excuse me, can you show me the invitation?”


Although Gu Ren and Ye Zhi didn’t take out the invitation, the guard’s tone was still very respectful. He could see that the two people in front of him were not ordinary.


The people who came here were generally rich and powerful people. It’s not good to offend anyone.
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