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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 72

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

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Gu Ren decided to come on a whim and naturally didn’t have an invitation. He took out his mobile phone, dialed a number and the person on the opposite line promptly picked up.


Gu Ren said lightly, “Mr. Wang, I wonder if you can speak to the security at the entrance…”


Gu Ren just said a few words briefly before hanging up. At first, the guard was a little unsure. Not a minute had passed and his phone rang.


The guard was stunned and immediately answered the call. After hanging up, his face became respectful. He made a polite go-in gesture and let Ye Zhi and Gu Ren enter the exhibit.


Ye Zhi didn’t make a reaction until they were inside the house. She looked sideways at Gu Ren, “Why can you come in?”


Gu Ren chuckled, he lowered his head slightly and explained to Ye Zhi, “Because President Wang and Gu family have some business dealings.”


They entered the exhibit hall smoothly. An antique car was placed in the center of the hall.


Even if Ye Zhi didn’t know much about cars, she still found the Bugatti antique car very beautiful. From the admiring eyes of other people around, she could also feel that this car was really good.


If she could buy this antique car now, it would definitely be appreciated in the future. Ye Zhi thought of this and approached Gu Ren.


Ye Zhi lowered her voice, “This antique car looks very expensive. Can you buy it?”


Gu Ren leaned slightly and listened attentively. The distance between the two was shortened instantly. Instead of answering directly, Gu Ren asked.


As they were very close, Gu Ren’s voice seemed to be ringing directly in Ye Zhi’s ear.


“You want it?”


Ye Zhi hadn’t thought about it yet so she hesitated for a moment but Gu Ren had made the next move.


Gu Ren first looked around and finally fixed his sight on a man in the hall. Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi and said, “Let’s go.”


Ye Zhi also noticed Gu Ren’s gaze, but she didn’t recognize who that man was, and just followed Gu Ren.


Gu Ren said lightly, “Secretary Liu.”


As soon as his voice fell, the man immediately turned around to look at Gu Ren. He looked at Gu Ren quietly and then smiled gently, “I wonder what can I do for you?”


The man was Mr. Wang’s secretary, and was here to handle this matter on his behalf.


Faced with Secretary Liu’s inquiries, Gu Ren looked at him, “My friend took a fancy to this car, is President Wang willing to part with his treasure?”


Secretary Liu was startled and then his eyes fell on Ye Zhi. The friend mentioned by Gu Ren was probably the woman next to him.


Secretary Liu didn’t answer immediately but hesitated. He pondered, “This…”


Secretary Liu did not know the identity of the two people in front of him so he didn’t dare to make a promise casually.


Gu Ren reached out his hand and put his slender fingers on the sunglasses.


With a quick movement, the sunglasses slipped down a bit from Gu Ren’s face, revealing a pair of dark eyes.


The next second, Gu Ren raised his sunglasses with his hand, covering his upper half of the face again.


Those few seconds were enough for Secretary Liu to see Gu Ren’s face clearly and confirm his identity.


Secretary Liu’s face showed obvious surprise. His attitude was more respectful than before.
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