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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 73

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

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Secretary Liu secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, he didn’t show disrespect to Gu Ren just now. Otherwise, he would have lost his job if Mr. Wang came to know about it.


Secretary Liu pointed to a room not far away, “Young master Gu, why don’t you go to the waiting room to have a rest first? I’ll go find President Wang now.”


After Gu Ren nodded, Secretary Liu personally led him and Ye Zhi to the waiting room. Along the way, he didn’t inquire about Ye Zhi’s identity and he didn’t say much.


Secretary Liu sent someone to deliver hot tea and snacks, and let Gu Ren and Ye Zhi wait in the room.


Secretary Liu just walked out of the waiting room and hadn’t even closed the door yet, when suddenly, there was a loud commotion in the hall. The previously quiet atmosphere was broken and people started whispering to each other.


The voice of the man outside was very loud and cocky. Ye Zhi heard the words clearly.


“Secretary Liu, I want this car. I’ll double the price. You should sell it to me directly.”


Ye Zhi subconsciously glanced at Gu Ren. He looked as usual and wasn’t affected by the current situation at all. Instead, he smiled at Ye Zhi, soothing her emotions and indicating that everything was fine.


Ye Zhi looked out of the door and soon recognized the person who was making a ruckus.


That person was Sheng Man’s brother, Sheng Bang.


Sheng Man’s biological father was a distant relative of the Sheng family. Since Sheng Man was adopted, their family’s status had risen.


Sheng Bang secured the CEO’s position in Sheng family’s branch company and he also had a lot of money in his hand.


Everyone in the branch knew that Sheng Bang had a relationship with the main Sheng family so they all followed him. As the time passed, he naturally turned arrogant, placing no one in his sight.


Sheng Man didn’t like Sheng Bang’s behavior because she was not only a public figure but also the adopted daughter of the Sheng family. Sheng Bang’s every action woud easily affect her.


Moreover, Sheng Bang’s character had always been cocky, he was like a walking bomb. Maybe one day he would cause undesirable consequences for her.


Sheng Man persuaded him many times but to no avail. Sheng Bang promised that he would not affect her future but in return she would back him up.


Ye Zhi sneered in her heart. ‘A group of vile people.’


Since she came to this world, Ye Zhi had no intention of recognizing her relatives. Although the Sheng family was kept in the dark by Sheng Man, she did use the Sheng family’s power to suppress the original ‘Ye Zhi’.


Even if the original ‘Ye Zhi’ was still here, Ye Zhi believed that there was a barrier in her heart. That ‘Ye Zhi’ would have also chosen to fight for what she wanted by her own ability.


However, Ye Zhi would not let Sheng Man enjoy such a good life for no reason.


Ye Zhi couldn’t find the evidence that the original owner was abducted at all, but now she’s dead. She had to find useful evidence before she could bring it all to justice and struck them with just one blow.


Since Sheng Man’s family had the courage to do such a thing, of course, they should also bear the due punishment.


Once the Sheng family came to know that Sheng Man’s family was the one behind the abduction, Ye Zhi believed that their anger would not be less than her own.


At that time, everything that Sheng Man’s family had would disappear like a cloud of smoke.
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