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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 74

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

For selfish and vain people like them, losing everything which they yearned so much would cause them even more pain.


As Ye Zhi thought about it, her eyes gradually became firm, however, her thoughts were soon interrupted by the noise outside.


When Sheng Bang first came in, he noticed secretary Liu’s movements.


Just as the waiting room’s door was about to be closed, Sheng Bang quickly stepped forward and pushed the door open.


Upon seeing this, Secretary Liu immediately and intentionally blocked Sheng Bang’s path.: “This Assistant has already gone to inform President Wang. Don’t worry, Young Master Sheng.”


From Secretary Liu’s perspective, Sheng Bang may have money and a little background, however when compared to Gu Ren, the son of the richest man, he couldn’t even be compared to a strand of his hair.


Even if he had to offend Sheng Bang because of Gu Ren, it wasn’t a bad deal at all.


Sheng Bang didn’t notice Secretary Liu’s minute movements as his attention was focused on Gu Ren. Gu Ren was wearing sunglasses at this time so Sheng Bang didn’t recognize him.


Although Gu Ren wore a disguise, it was hard to conceal his elegant demeanor. He just sat there quietly, without saying a word, but Sheng Bang still felt natural repression.


Gu Ren wasn’t influenced by that scene at all, nor did he care about Sheng Bang.


One was sitting while the other was standing. They were completely on a different level.


The same was true for Ye Zhi. She felt somewhat curious when she saw Sheng Bang at first, but now she simply turned her head away.


She felt disgusted upon seeing someone like Sheng Bang.


He didn’t know why, when facing those two, Sheng Bang felt that his momentum was abruptly reduced. He was immediately displeased and wanted to show off.


“Who is that man in sunglasses?”


Secretary Liu acted as if nothing had happened and didn’t tell Gu Ren’s identity. Just when Sheng Bang’s patience was about to run out, President Wang came and Secretary Liu immediately breathed a sigh of relief.


Sheng Bang turned around and looked at President Wang behind him. He raised his chin subconsciously and waited for Mr. Wang to take the initiative to greet him.


Unexpectedly, Mr. Wang acted as if he wasn’t even there and directly walked towards Gu Ren.


“Young master Gu.”


Mr. Wang’s attitude was very respectful. Although Sheng Bang didn’t want to admit it, he was ignored just now.


Sheng Bang looked at Gu Ren with suspicious eyes. ‘What is this man’s identity?’


President Wang stood in front of Gu Ren and said with a smile, “I heard that Young master Gu wanted my car. If you don’t dislike it, I can deliver it directly to your house.”


Gu Ren shook his head and said softly, “No need, I will pay.”


Faced with President Wang’s deliberate favor, Gu Ren was still indifferent.


Sheng Bang saw that the car he wanted was about to be taken away. For someone like him, his face was more important than anything else. He immediately interrupted President Wang’s words, “I want this car, Mr. Wang!”


Mr. Wang looked at Sheng Bang with a smile. “You want my car too. Is there any sincerity?”


“I’ll pay twice as much.” After finishing speaking, Sheng Bang glanced provocatively at Gu Ren, “Can you afford it?”


Sheng Bang hadn’t finished speaking before he heard Gu Ren talk.


It seemed that Gu Ren disdained to regard Sheng Bang as his competitor. He simply asked Ye Zhi.


“Do you want to increase the price?”
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