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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 77

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Master Zhao Tian did say that he would die in a year.


He had never believed this before, thinking that Zhao Tian deliberately lied to his family. However, after what he went through this time, even if he was not superstitious, he had to believe it.


They finally began to face this matter seriously, making the atmosphere a bit depressed.


Ye Zhi said firmly, “No matter what the expected result will be, I will try hard to change it. We should not give up until the last moment.”


Ye Zhi comforted, “We must face this with confidence.”


Gu Ren’s expression slightly changed, “Yeah.”


Ye Zhi continued, “What’s certain now is that we can’t abuse spending money nor can we have bad ideas.”


The idea of gambling was absolutely unacceptable. After they began discussing this matter openly, they didn’t feel panicked anymore. Even when they thought of what happened tonight. A smile unconsciously appeared on their faces.


After a while, Gu Ren added, “And the money must be spent on you.”


He meant that Ye Zhi must not spend money on him.


Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi for a while and his dark eyes glowed with profound light, “Ye Zhi, I think I need to remind you of something.”


Ye Zhi, “What?”


Gu Ren leaned forward, his back bent down slightly, his elbows rested casually on his knees, and a pair of black eyes stared at Ye Zhi momentarily.


He deliberately lowered his voice a little. Although his voice was low, it seemed to have a magnetic effect attracting one’s attention, “Tell me, what are you worried about?”


Ye Zhi thought about it carefully for a while and opened her mouth, “Although I am your nominal wife…”


But she knew clearly that she and Gu Ren only had a contract marriage. She dared to spend money before because she made up her mind to spend it on Gu Ren.


But now, she had to spend money on herself which made her somewhat hesitant.


Ye Zhi continued, “But we both know that we are not actually…”


Gu Ren suddenly uttered in a light tone, “But my family doesn’t know about the contract, does it?”


“They both think that we are real couples, and that’s enough.”


Gu Ren straightened his back and crossed his slender legs lazily. He leaned back a little and tapped his finger on the sofa casually.


The light in the living room was a little dim, enveloping them in itself.


Under such dim light, Gu Ren’s snow white skin particularly stood out. Even the casual movements made by him were filled with a sense of dignity.


Gu Ren said unhurriedly, “You can buy whatever you want without reporting to anyone. You don’t need to worry about this little bit of money.”


Gu Ren’s tone said in an unquestionable tone, “As someone saving my life, you have all rights to spend Gu family’s money…”


In the silence, he slowly said the last five words, “It is right and proper.”


Ye Zhi murmured, “Right and proper?”


In Gu Ren’s eyes, it was right and proper for her to freely spend money. Even if she was only his nominal wife.


Gu Ren looked straight at Ye Zhi, “The card I gave you and the things my family gave you, you can use them without any worries.”


Gu Ren raised his eyes and spat out a few words very slowly which clearly reached Ye Zhi’s ear, “… whenever you want.”


As long as she was willing, Gu family would be her strongest backing at any time.


Tonight, he laid everything clearly. He was tacitly implying that he would indulge her at any time no matter what or how.
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