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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 78

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Gu Ren stared at Ye Zhi and his lips curled upward lazily, “So, what are you still worried about?”


Gu Ren’s tone was light and clear but it hit Ye Zhi’s heart like a heavy hammer.


Ye Zhi had to admit that Gu Ren’s words completely moved her. Her worries and her hesitations were completely resolved by his words.


So, what else did she have to worry about?


Ye Zhi’s black eyes flashed with a warm light and she said earnestly, “I swear, I will never buy you anything again with your money.”


At the moment when Ye Zhi lowered her eyes, Gu Ren could not hold back his smile and his lips curled up in a slightly imperceptible arc. However, it soon disappeared as if it was never there.


Gu Ren asked again with a calm expression, “What else?”


Ye Zhi replied, “I won’t try to save money while spending on myself. When it’s time to spend, I will definitely spend it.”


Gu Ren’s lips bent down slightly.


Gu Ren thought of a matter that had always been pressing on his heart all the time. He didn’t speak and turned his head to look out of the window. It was a dark night outside because the moon was hiding in the clouds.


The night grew deeper as it’s not morning yet.


Gu Ren turned his head and looked at Ye Zhi again. He suddenly asked, “Are you sleepy?”


Ye Zhi wondered as she answered, “Not sleepy.”


Gu Ren, “How about discussing one more thing?” Ye Zhi naturally agreed.


The dim yellow light flashed over Gu Ren’s face, making his eyes look more lazy. He said slowly, “There are some clauses in the contract which I’m not satisfied with all this time.”


Ye Zhi was stupefied, “What?” Why did Gu Ren suddenly mention the contract?


Gu Ren said slowly, “Do you still remember, according to Article 3 of the contract, we can’t interfere with each other’s career?”


Ye Zhi nodded. “That’s right.”


Gu Ren raised his eyebrows and said in an unhurried manner, “But now I have some regrets.”


Gu Ren said one by one, “From now on, when necessary, I want to intervene in your career.”


Ye Zhi’s previous agency bullied her. Although she had already terminated her contract, she would continue to work in the entertainment circle. He didn’t want Ye Zhi to encounter these things again.


Ye Zhi was slightly stunned and didn’t understand, “Why?”


She would spend Gu family’s money on herself in the future. She would feel uneasy if she let Gu Ren intervene in her career.


Gu Ren said without any change in expression, “Since the contract can be written down, it can be altered too. Nothing is set in stone.”


Ye Zhi said, “But…”


Gu Ren’s voice suddenly slowed down, “Don’t be in a hurry. Let me help you recall something.”


Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi and said meaningfully, “We never seem to have said that the content of the contract cannot be modified.”


Ye Zhi thought about it. Although they listed several items when they signed the contract, they did not mention anything about altering the contract at all.


What Gu Ren said seemed quite reasonable.


Gu Ren was very persuasive and most of the time she was convinced by him. She would unconsciously sink into his words and be guided by him.


She would ultimately follow his advice.


However, Ye Zhi clearly realized that Gu Ren saw things from her standpoint and thought for her.


They were obviously not real couples but he still thought a lot for her. As a friend, he did too much.


She would always bear this kindness in her heart.
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