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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 79

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Ye Zhi continued to stare at Gu Ren who was also staring at her, waiting for her answer. Ye Zhi smiled, “I don’t seem to have any reason to refuse.”


Hearing those words, Gu Ren visibly looked relaxed and a faint smile tugged on his lips.


Gu Ren’s expression soon returned to indifference and he said softly, “It’s late.”


Ye Zhi glanced out of the window. The sky was pitch-black and it’s indeed late but she was in a good mood.


Ye Zhi said with a relaxed smile, “Good night.”


Gu Ren replied, “Good night.”


After returning to China, Gu Ren found a new agent for Ye Zhi. His name was Zhou Pingyu and he was the top agent in the entertainment circle.


There were many well-known celebrities under Zhou Pingyu’s management and he was very good at tapping the potential of an artist. He also treated all his talents fairly and would think about their well-being.


Gu Ren and Zhou Pingyu had a good relationship. Zhou Pingyu was surprised to learn that Gu Ren wanted him to be Ye Zhi’s agent after receiving Gu Ren’s phone call.


In the entertainment circle, who didn’t know the relationship between Gu Ren and Ye Zhi? Ye Zhi was the only one who dared to use Gu Ren to hype her career. However, Gu Ren just informed him that he and Ye Zhi were married.


It’s too unexpected and too incredible.


When Zhou Pingyu finally met Ye Zhi, he suggested a project to Ye Zhi, “Ye Zhi, I’ve got a variety show for you,《The Leisure Life of a Star》.”


Ye Zhi contemplated. This variety show was where celebrities lived in the countryside and experienced the dull rural life.


In everyone’s opinion, celebrities either acted in a movie, made an advertisement, or participated in major fashion weeks.


Everyone would be curious to know what a celebrity would do after leaving the spotlight and lived in a rural village.


The program team wanted to use this contrast to win the audience’s attention.


Zhou Pingyu picked this variety show for her, hoping that she would perform well on the show and reverse everyone’s impression of her.


Ye Zhi, “I will participate.”


Zhou Pingyu said his concern, “You should pay attention. The program team may make things difficult for you.”


Zhou Pingyu knew that Sheng Man was among the candidates who was going to participate. Although he did not know who else would participate, Sheng Man was already troublesome enough.


They all knew that Sheng Man and Ye Zhi were not to be dealt with. Two of them would participate in a variety show at the same time, who would the program team favor? One could easily imagine.


Ye Zhi nodded, “I’ll act according to the circumstances.”


If she wanted to make her reputation better, she couldn’t just buy an internet water army. If she really wanted to reverse her reputation, she must leave a deep impression on the audience.


(T/N: “Internet water army” is a group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments with particular content.)


Zhou Pingyu, “It’s Gu Ren who introduced you to me. I trust him so I also trust you.”


Ye Zhi was worried about causing trouble for Gu Ren. She immediately denied, “Don’t get me wrong. We are just friends.”


She didn’t want to add trouble to Gu Ren.


Zhou Pingyu smiled, “I know your relationship with Gu Ren. You can rest assured, I will handle everything properly.”


In his eyes, the artist’s own qualifications were the most important. As long as Ye Zhi was capable, he would definitely make her the best. He was not someone who judged the book by its cover.
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