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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 8

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx


Master Zhao Tianshi said seriously, “Young Master Gu and Miss Ye Zhi are connected by marriage in their previous lives. The reason why Miss Ye needs to  help Young Master Gu in this lifetime is because Master Gu owed you a lot in the previous life.”


(T/N: Only Ye Zhi can save Gu Ren by spending money. Moreover, she needed to spend money on herself. Technically, she just has to enjoy her life with Gu Ren’s money.)


“So in this lifetime, only when Miss Ye decided to help Young Master Gu spend money can he live safely.”


When Ye Zhi heard it, what previous life? What marriage? The more she heard, the more she found it absurb. She turned to look at Gu Ren, Gu Ren’s face was pale and his mouth was slightly sunken.


Grandfather Gu added, “Zhao Tianshi has done a lot for our Gu family. His words are very convincing.”


Before Zhao Tianshi left, he took a second look at Ye Zhi and said, “Miss Ye, please remember that this money must be spent in the right place.”


“Otherwise it would be counterproductive.”


Ye Zhi did not understand Zhao Tianshi’s words, Grandfather Gu and Zhao Tianshi left Gu Ren’s home.


Before they left, Grandfather Gu called out to Gu Ren and told him, “When you go out, you will drive the Lamborghini bought by Ye Zhi.”


Grandfather Gu had thought of it thoroughly. Since Ye Zhi could help Gu Ren pass the disaster, then he should drive the car bought by her. This would serve as an amulet that would protect Gu Ren.


Gu Ren could not bear to be superstitious like his grandfather. After hearing Grandfather Gu’s lecture, he just kept quiet and said nothing. Still, Grandfather Gu insisted him to drive the car bought by Ye Zhi.


Gu Ren left for the company this afternoon. He went out of the door and thought of Grandfather Gu’s words.


Gu Ren could not help but want to drive the car he usually drives. But for some reason, he stopped, turned around and walked to the silver Lamborghini.


He looked down, unable to see clearly.


The housekeeper saw Gu Ren walking out of the house a while ago, he glanced inadvertently and found that Gu Ren still did not yet leave. He stood outside like a statue; his eyes were fixated on the Lamborghini.


The housekeeper did not know why, so he went to Gu Ren and asked, “Young Master, is there anything wrong?”


Gu Ren didn’t say anything. His mood was surging. He gave Ye Zhi ten million Yuan and asked her to help him spend money but he didn’t expect that Ye Zhi would buy him a car.


Gu Ren opened his mouth and suddenly asked, “What is she doing?”


The housekeeper didn’t respond for a moment and asked rhetorically, “Who is she?”


It’s no wonder that the housekeeper did not respond because no other woman had ever appeared in Gu’s house.


Gu Ren gave a cold look to the housekeeper. He didn’t speak and his lips curled into a string.


The housekeeper suddenly realized that by ‘she’ Gu Ren meant Ye Zhi who had just ‘married’ Young Master Gu.


The housekeeper said quickly, “Mrs. Gu is in her room.”


Gu Ren no longer asked, he turned his head and his eyes were once again glued on the silver Lamborghini. His face had no expression.


The housekeeper asked, “Master, won’t you drive the usual car?”


Gu Ren had many expensive cars but he usually drives just a few.


Gu Ren groaned. Since Ye Zhi had bought the car and Grandfather Gu had been urging him to drive it, he could see no harm in trying.


Gu Ren didn’t look back. He just opened the door of Lamborghini and dropped a sentence, “No, I will drive this car!”
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