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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 81

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Unlike Cheng Qi’s impatience, Gu Ren was calm and he nodded slowly.


Cheng Qi, “At that time, when you got injured, it was also to save your wife.”


Gu Ren slowly folded the cuffs of his sleeve upwards with his eyes lowered. He did not deny it, which was equivalent to agreeing in disguise.


Cheng Qi couldn’t calm down for a long time.


Cheng Qi had been Gu Ren’s manager for many years, and Gu Ren told him this secret in advance so that he would be mentally prepared.


“This is my family issue and I just want to inform you.” Gu Ren paused and continued, “If we were photographed together in the future, don’t be surprised.”


Since Gu Ren had married Ye Zhi, he was also ready to be discovered by the media. When such a day came, he would also protect Ye Zhi.


Gu Ren didn’t tell Cheng Qi about the contract. He wouldn’t tell anyone about it, this was a secret between him and Ye Zhi alone.


After that, Gu Ren left the studio but Cheng Qi didn’t follow him and stayed there to recall past things.


Cheng Qi connected Gu Ren’s previous actions. He recalled all the things Gu Ren did for Ye Zhi.


Cheng Qi felt that there was a reason for Gu Ren to like Ye Zhi. He believed that since Ye Zhi was liked by Gu Ren, she must have something extraordinary.


Gu Ren praised Ye Zhi’s beauty and also mentioned her good personality. Ye Zhi’s current reputation was indeed caused by her previous company.


After being with Gu Ren for so long, Cheng Qi had never found him to have taken an interest in any woman.


Cheng Qi sighed lightly. From this moment on, he knew that the future would not be peaceful.




After returning from Las Vegas, Ye Zhi rested at home as she was going to participate in a new show in a few days.


After getting up, Gu Ren was no longer at home and went out to work.


Ye Zhi was about to go downstairs for breakfast. When she was halfway, a luscious aroma wafted to her nose, totally waking her up.


Ye Zhi sat alone in the empty dining room. The dining table was filled with all kinds of breakfast, both Western and Chinese. Beef sandwiches, congee, soy milk youtiao… were waiting for Ye Zhi to pick them up.


Ye Zhi didn’t know where to start.


The butler stepped forward, “Young Madam, young master said to pay more attention to your meal because you are tired.”


“So I asked the chef to cook a variety of breakfast so the Young Miss could eat as much as she likes.”


Ye Zhi said, “No need to go through so much trouble next time and thank you.” She was afraid that if she ate like this every day, it would be time for her to lose weight.


The butler smiled and nodded, then backed away.


When Ye Zhi finished breakfast, the butler came over with something, “Young miss, young master has a gift for you.”


The housekeeper handed the gift to Ye Zhi and found that it was a Prada wallet.


Ye Zhi opened the wallet with curiosity and found that there was only one thing in it.


A black card.


The butler continued, “Young Master asked me to convey a message to you. He said that there is no limit on this card. As long as you see it, you will understand what he means.”


Ye Zhi knew what Gu Ren meant, he wanted her to spend as much as she could.


Ye Zhi put away the black card and went back to her room.
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