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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 82

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

A few days later, the program team of《Leisure Life of the Stars》announced the guest list. The program team did not directly disclose all of them, but announced them one by one, which was enough to excite the netizens.


While announcing the names of the celebrity guests, the program team also showed their Weibo.


The first guest announced by the program team was Ye Zhi. Although Ye Zhi’s grade was very low, there were many comments under Ye Zhi’s Weibo because of the recent popularity.


“Is Ye Zhi also participating in the reality show? Would it not be too much?”


“I refuse to watch a variety show with Ye Zhi in it. Does Ye Zhi want to participate in this program to attract passers-by fans and change her image?”


“Reality shows can best reveal a person’s personality, I really want to know how Ye Zhi can pretend.”


“If Sheng Man is in this program, it will be fun. Even if there’s Ye Zhi, I’ll watch it.”


Most of the comments were boycotts of Ye Zhi. Netizens refused to watch the variety show that Ye Zhi participated in, because from Ye Zhi entered the entertainment circle to now, she was involved in ‘black material’.


(T/N: ‘ Black material’ means negative news about a celebrity that damages its image.)


Although they couldn’t confirm the authenticity of the ‘black material’, it also made the netizens’ perception of Ye Zhi a lot worse.


The program team ignored the protests of netizens and announced the names of the following guests one by one.


They were the veteran film emperor Xiong Ting who specialized in acting as the boss of the underworld, streamer Nanbi and cosplayer Shan Qian.


Each guest had its own fan base. Xiong Ting stopped filming for many years and had not been taking projects recently. However, his status in the entertainment industry was unshakable.


They invited him many times in order to have him on show.


The latter two guests had a high degree of popularity recently. One of them was Shan Qian, who became famous because of an ancient costume play some time ago.


So far, they had announced four names in total. After that, the Weibo had no movement but there were five guests.


The program team was going to announce this guest at last. It must be something surprising.


Who was the last guest?


Just as netizens began to speculate, they announced Sheng Man’s name.


This move instantly ignited the enthusiasm of netizens.


“Sheng Man and Ye Zhi are going to face each other head-on. They had a lot of involvement recently. Wouldn’t it be awkward to meet now?”


“As soon as I thought that Sheng Man and Ye Zhi were going to participate in the same program, I became excited. When will this program be broadcasted, I will follow it!”


“Hasn’t Sheng Man snatched Ye Zhi’s credits before? They already dislike each other, can they get along well?”


Sheng Man who led a pampered life, the middle-aged film emperor who had never been on a reality show… and Ye Zhi who appeared on the Internet very often.


This program had not been broadcasted yet, and the discussion was high. Whether it was Weibo, other social platforms or forums, this program garnered a lot of attention.


Ye Zhi came to know about the guests from her agent and she knew that they intentionally invited her over. The most possible reason should be to clean Sheng Man’s image.
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