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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 83

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

In the eyes of netizens, compared with other people, Ye Zhi had more controversies and poor character. There was no way she could peacefully coexist with these people.


The original intention of the program team was to have her clean other people’s reputation, especially Sheng Man’s.


Sheng Man had frequent scandals during this time and her career was not very smooth, so she wanted to use this program to improve her reputation.


However, who knew whether things would go as Sheng Man planned or she would end up exposing her true character.


Soon, when netizens’ comments reached the highest level,《The Leisure Life of Stars》was broadcasted under everyone’s expectant eyes.


The program would be broadcasted live. In addition to the episode, there would be a clipped version at the end of the broadcast. Fans could see the video of their idol separately.


Every guest was followed by a cameraman which would record their every action so that fans could see more relevant details.


The cruel thing was that the amount of direct screen time given to each guest would be clear at a glance which would make whose popularity was high and whose popularity was low clear.


Ye Zhi arrived at the site. The moment she entered the room, the live broadcast had already started and was being broadcasted online in real time.


When Ye Zhi came to the front seats, she noticed Shan Qian in a cosplay costume. She was surprised to find that she was not the first to arrive.


When Shan Qian saw that it was Ye Zhi who came in, he recovered his calmness and didn’t pay more attention.


Ye Zhi didn’t want netizens to think that she was trying to hype again so she just stood in place and nodded toward Shan Qian as he passed by.


After that, Ye Zhi chose a place farther away from Shan Qian and sat down.


Shan Qian knew that Ye Zhi would be coming and he had already made up his mind to stay away from her. He didn’t want to get involved with her. Unexpectedly, Ye Zhi surprised him. She seemed to be different from the rumors on the Internet.


Shan Qian just hesitated for a few seconds and then randomly found a place to sit down.


Shan Qian got popular for a reason. He had a harmless looking face without any aggressiveness. When wearing ancient clothes, his temperament was light and looked charming in its own way.


Two people sat in two different places in the room and there was no interaction at all. There were two people in the room but it was quiet.


The fans of Shan Qian saw this scene and started to launch a barrage of comments.


“I thought Ye Zhi would scam my idol just like she used to do before. How could there be no movement?”


“Maybe Ye Zhi is gathering energy. Who knows if she will do it next?”


“Are you sure it’s not a picture? There’s no sound and our two guests aren’t moving at all. If I didn’t see the bugs crawling on the window, I would have thought my computer was broken.”


The tranquility in the room was quickly broken when the streamer Nanbi came in. Her character was very lively so she had many fans.


Just as Nanbi came in, she first waved and greeted Shan Qian. After that, she looked at Ye Zhi and just smiled.
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