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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 85

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Compared with Ye Zhi’s natural beauty, Sheng Man in makeup made people feel that it’s a little deliberate which inevitably led to the cliché.

The staff, including those in the live broadcast room, unconsciously came up with a thought.


‘In this comparison, Ye Zhi was better.’


Sheng Man didn’t know what others thought, she declined modestly and said, “You choose first.”


Ye Zhi didn’t refuse and chose a bamboo stick at random. Just as her hand was placed on the bamboo stick, the director’s face changed suddenly.


The camera didn’t record it but Ye Zhi was able to see clearly. Before she could pull it out, she heard a slight breaking sound.


After Ye Zhi pulled out the selected bamboo stick, the bamboo stick turned out to be short. From Ye Zhi’s perspective, she could clearly see the traces of breaking under the bamboo stick.


The director knew that Ye Zhi had no background so even if she was suppressed, she had nowhere to complain.


Ye Zhi looked as usual and did not question the director on the spot but she turned to look at Sheng Man.


Sheng Man’s lips slightly curled upward, showing a slight provocation. Sheng Man must have noticed that scene just now. That was to say, only Sheng Man and Ye Zhi knew the truth among the people present.


Sheng Man naturally took the remaining bamboo stick. Compared with Ye Zhi’s, Sheng Man’s bamboo stick was longer.


However, it was obvious that Sheng Man’s bamboo stick was much shorter than others.


Director immediately said, “Okay, the room has been selected. It’s completely fair and just.”


The bullet screen of the live broadcast once again flooded with comments. All the comments were related to Ye Zhi and Sheng Man.


“Am I the only one who feels that Ye Zhi looks better than Sheng Man even in casual clothes?”


“Sheng Man is wearing high heels while Ye Zhi is wearing flat shoes but they are of the same height. However, Sheng Man’s official height is 168cm which is taller than Ye Zhi’s. Is Sheng Man reported tall, or is Ye Zhi reported short?”


“Sheng Man has a history of lying so it is not surprising to lie about her height.”


“Don’t hold on to Sheng Man’s things. Is Ye Zhi’s character any better?”


Almost everyone on the bullet screens was discussing the beauty and dress of these two celebrities. However, among the many similar comments, one comment appeared.


“Is there something wrong with my eyes? Why is Sheng Man’s bamboo stick so short?”


At first, there was only one netizen who raised that question, but soon, several netizens had the same doubt. However, there were only a few people.


There were not many netizens who spoke for Ye Zhi and they were simply no match for Sheng Man’s huge number of fans.


Sheng Man’s fans saw that someone said something wrong about Sheng Man and organized their fans with the fastest speed. As soon as similar comments appeared, they would immediately send more comments to push it down.


Even if netizens had doubts, they couldn’t do anything unless they found any evidence to indicate that the program team was fraudulent. For now, they could only swallow their doubts.


Director asked the staff to bring a box. “All guests’ mobile phones must be handed over. They will be returned after dinner.”


The program team had already told Sheng Man about it so she was not surprised at all. Ye Zhi had already guessed this a long time ago and handed over her mobile phone consciously.


Xiong Ting, who had never encountered this kind of situation, frowned and reluctantly put his mobile phone into the box.


After collecting the mobile phones, the director said, “You can go to your room now and gather here in half an hour.”


If there was a one person shot, not all the guests would be needed.
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