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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 86

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

However, every guests’ room had a camera which would record their every move.


There were many channels in this live broadcast. If one wanted to watch the video of a particular celebrity, he just needed to click on that celebrity’s channel.


At this moment, Sheng Man’s channel had the largest number of viewers.


Although Sheng Man’s bamboo stick was shorter than other guests, her room was the best and clean.


When Sheng Man pushed her suitcase into the room, some unhappiness unconsciously appeared on her face.


Sheng Man was used to living in a big house and was very dissatisfied with this room. There was only one table in the room to place things. Wasn’t this ridiculous?


However, Sheng Man knew that there was a camera here so she only dared to show her emotions when she looked down. When she looked up, her expression returned to normal.


The first place Sheng Man went to was the dresser in the room. She first subconsciously touched the dresser with her hand. When she found that there was no dust, she opened the suitcase.


Netizens watched Sheng Man slowly take out skin care products and cosmetics from her Gucci bag and put them on the table.


La Prairie’s caviar series, La Mer moisturizer and don’t forget about Estée Lauder…


This was not <<The Leisure Life of a Star>>, but clearly <<Sheng Man’s Nouveau Rich Life>>.


The bullet screen of Sheng Man’s Channel was instantly filled with envy.


“Ah, little sister is so domineering. When can I use such skin care products?”


“This room immediately became more dazzling and my eyes couldn’t even look straight at it.”


However, not all the commenters envied Sheng Man’s life. Some of them also mentioned the incident of Sheng Man bringing a fake bag.


“I’m afraid everyone has forgotten. It hasn’t been long since Sheng Man bought fake bags. Who knows which of these things are genuine and which are fake?”


“She can’t buy a real Hermes Himalayan Birkin bag and almost fooled everyone with a fake bag. It really makes me laugh whenever I remember it.”


As soon as the comments against Sheng Man appeared, Sheng Man’s fans immediately began to speak on her behalf, saying that this matter had been turned over for a long time and there was nothing to mention.


At the same time, Ye Zhi in the other room was not so laid back.


The director only let the guests take a casual glance at the door. Ye Zhi walked in and looked closely, only to find that it was worse than she thought.


The room was very narrow with a single bed in the corner. There was some unused firewood piled up at the foot of the bed. The posters from the 1990s were pasted on the mottled wall.


The floor of the whole room was dirty and dark. Ye Zhi suspected that it was deliberately arranged by the program team for her.


Ye Zhi glanced at the bed sheet. Fortunately, the bed was clean. Otherwise, she really wouldn’t have known how to sleep.


Although there were not many people in Ye Zhi’s channel, the netizens who came in to watch were shocked by the scene.


“Can someone even live in this room? I just came from Sheng Man’s channel. Her room is much larger and cleaner than this.”


“Will Ye Zhi cry, or go to the program team to protest?”


“She can’t protest. Ye Zhi drew the bamboo stick by herself. She can find Sheng Man to sleep for a night. Anyway, it is more than enough for them to sleep on Sheng Man’s bed..”


“Aren’t you going too far? That’s Sheng Man, not just a random someone!”


After thinking about it, she turned around and left the room. She borrowed a mop from the staff and was ready to clean the room a little during the half of an hour break.
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