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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 87

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Ye Zhi cleaned diligently and did not complain even once.  She acted as if this room was already hers so she was responsible for keeping her room tidy.


Just as Ye Zhi was cleaning, strange thoughts rose in her heart.


She missed Gu Ren and the big, clean, comfortable bed at home.


The netizens were also siding toward Ye Zhi slowly.


“I have some sympathy for Ye Zhi. I thought of Ye Zhi as a little girl who would weep endlessly and do nothing.”


“I think Sheng Man would have lost her temper if she was assigned to this room.”


While Ye Zhi was cleaning the room, time passed by quickly.


Half an hour later, all the guests came out of their room and gathered in the designated place.


The netizens who had not watched Ye Zhi’s live broadcast realized a problem. Ye Zhi was not here!


The director also discovered this, “Where did Ye Zhi go?” The director did not expect Ye Zhi to clean the dirty room.


Xiong Ting heard Ye Zhi’s name and frowned subconsciously. He believed that Ye Zhi was lazy so she didn’t come here on time.


Nanbi had a smile on her face but she sneered in her heart. She felt that Ye Zhi was definitely going to make trouble again.


Sheng Man smiled and shook her head, “I’m not sure. Maybe she is taking a nap. Should we send someone to call her?”


Nanbi also followed, “Director, how about we all go and check it out ourselves?”


“Ye Zhi is self-conscious and looks down on others. Making a group of people who is older than her wait for her. How thick her face is.”


“Why is Ye Zhi showing an attitude of a young miss on the first day? Does she still want to go on with the show?”


A comment suddenly appeared on the bullet screen, “Let’s go and see Ye Zhi’s channel.”


Most of the viewers wanted to see Sheng Man and the other guests and couldn’t spare time to pay attention to Ye Zhi. So the netizens didn’t know what happened just now.


Ye Zhi’s broadcast channel was at the bottom of the list because every guest had more viewers than her.


Reading that comment, some netizens went to watch Ye Zhi’s live broadcast but did not expect Ye Zhi’s room to be completely different from before.


The director also determined that Ye Zhi was lazy. He had been thinking of criticizing Ye Zhi and complimenting Sheng Man, so he asked the cameraman and the staff to go to the room to find Ye Zhi.


The director thought that Ye Zhi’s act of constantly courting disaster would improve the show ratings which would be killing two birds with one stone.


A group of people went to Ye Zhi’s room in a majestic way. As soon as they pushed open the door, they were all dumbfounded. Where did the dirty room just now go?


The floor which was originally full of dust was also mopped clean. Although it was shabby, it could be seen that it was carefully taken care of.


The sheets were neatly folded with no marks. There’s no one in the room!


Where did Ye Zhi go?


The director could no longer go back on his words and was forced to take everyone to find Ye Zhi. The staff finally found her in the kitchen.


The kitchen was next door to Ye Zhi’s room. Ye Zhi boiled the water and washed all the pots and pans with it.


In particular, Ye Zhi had a disgusted expression on her face but still insisted on washing. It’s a perfect interpretation of mysophobia.


Even netizens who hate Ye Zhi found the situation hilarious.
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