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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 88

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie
“What’s happening? Ye Zhi is not lazy at all. Look, she is still working.”
“Why is Ye Zhi so hard-working? This is not in line with her previous actions at all. Isn’t she just trying to find shortcuts to become popular? Is she deliberately doing it for us to see?”


Just now Sheng Man said that Ye Zhi would be taking a nap but the truth was opposite. Her expression immediately fell. She not only failed to defame Ye Zhi but also gave her a chance to clean her reputation.


The director immediately called all the guests and Ye Zhi reappeared in the live broadcast.


Director asked, “Ye Zhi, what were you doing just now? Were you cleaning the house for so long?”


Ye Zhi did not complain but said lightly, “This place is very dirty.”


Although Ye Zhi’s tone was light, the director didn’t feel so. He felt that Ye Zhi meant something else.


Sheng Man’s face also darkened a little.


Ye Zhi seemed to be talking about one of the most common things, “It is a habit of mine to be clean at home so I decided to clean and forgot the time.”


Ye Zhi looked at other guests and apologized, “Sorry to keep you waiting.”


The way she said that seemed like she had cleaned her own home casually. She didn’t behave like she had done anything great at all.


Netizens’ opinion of Ye Zhi had changed quite a lot because of this. In their impression, Ye Zhi was a person who just knew how to scam.


They didn’t expect Ye Zhi to work hard in the variety show. It was also a kind of improving her reputation.


Netizens even turned pictures of Ye Zhi boiling water and cleaning things into GIFs. They really found Ye Zhi’s expression hilarious.


In the picture, Ye Zhi frowned just like how an ordinary person would react seeing dirty things. Everyone felt the distance between them and Ye Zhi shortened all of a sudden.


Compared with Ye Zhi, Sheng Man was aloof and remote, making people feel somewhat detached.


Ye Zhi obviously looked more beautiful, but she did not care about her image at all.


Seeing that the situation was going wrong, the director immediately changed the topic, “We only provide the guests with a house but you need to solve the dinner problem yourself.”


“The kitchen only has some rice. If you want to get better food, you can go to work and make money. You can use whatever means you want.”


“We haven’t communicated with the farmers yet so the farm work will be included in the next task.”


When the director said this, the guests were stunned. They thought that they had just come to experience farming. They even thought that doing farm work was leisurely and relaxing.


They never thought that they wouldn’t even get food to eat.


The director said, “There are still four hours before dinner. Everyone will try to find a solution.”


As soon as the task was announced, the guests immediately started to discuss among themselves.


“How about we go to the village and find out if there is any opportunity to make money?”


“We can borrow money from the villagers and pay them back after the show is finished.”


Sheng Man suddenly thought of exchanging her unopened skin care products for some money.


However, she stood aside and didn’t voice out her idea. She didn’t want to let a certain someone get things for free.


At this time, Ye Zhi put forward a plan, “I think it’s better to forage in the surroundings.”


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