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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 89

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

Ye Zhi’s words were naturally ignored by everyone and they continued to discuss without considering whether Ye Zhi’s plan was feasible.


They quickly finalized the plan. Sheng Man, Ye Zhi and Nanbi were to borrow money from the villagers while Xiong Ting and Shan Qian were to find some farm work to at least make money for dinner.


The two groups would work separately.


Ye Zhi felt that it was unrealistic for the villagers to lend money to them so she, again, put forward her opinion, “Won’t it be practical if we go catch fish and dig wild vegetables ourselves?”


“I just saw that there are work clothes in the rooms.”


It was not easy to walk on countryside roads so Sheng Man could only take off her Jimmy Choo high heels and put on the same brand’s sneakers.


Because of this, Sheng Man had to raise her head slightly while talking to Ye Zhi.


Sheng man looked at her with a smile yet not a smile, “Why don’t we divide into two groups. We will go borrow money, while you go dig wild vegetables.”


Nanbi, on one side, also thought the same thing. She didn’t want to do those hard farm work at all. It’s much easier to borrow money.


Sheng Man still had a smile on her face but there was no warmth in it.


“There are not many wild vegetables here. However, you can rest assured that if there are not enough for you to eat, we will buy you dinner after borrowing the money.”


Ye Zhi ignored Sheng Man’s sarcasm. She turned around and walked in the opposite direction.


Ye Zhi did her homework before coming to the show. Thinking that she might encounter such a situation one day, she remembered most of the wild vegetables.


Ye Zhi walked up the mountain road and dug a basketful of wild vegetables easily.


Many netizens who wanted to see Ye Zhi make a fool of herself were truly shocked.


“How can Ye Zhi recognize so many wild vegetables? I haven’t seen many of them.”


“Can those really be eaten? I deeply doubt it.”


On the other hand, Sheng Man’s group and Xiong Ting’s group were not so lucky. Sheng Man looked at the back of departing Ye Zhi and sneered. After that, she went to the nearest farmhouse with Nanbi.


Sheng Man knocked on the door with a smile on her face. She thought of her popularity and was about to introduce her name.


Unexpectedly, the villager looked at her suspiciously, “Who are you?”


Sheng Man’s smile froze for a moment but she still had squeezed out a smile, “My name is Sheng Man. I’m a celebrity. Can you…”


Before she even finished speaking, the villager waved his hands and said, “I don’t know. I don’t know.” After that, he closed the door immediately.


Sheng Man met a setback and she lost the enthusiasm for continuing the task.


Xiong Ting’s group was not successful either. Some villagers said that they knew him. When they were young, they saw Xiong Ting acting on TV.


The villagers here were very simple and honest. They didn’t know how to talk in a roundabout manner. What the villagers said indirectly meant that Xiong Ting was not that famous anymore, so Xiong Ting’s face sunk unconsciously.


It was already evening when the two groups who went to the village came back. They didn’t find any chance to make money.


Most of the villagers went home to have dinner so there were few people on the road.
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