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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 90

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx & Lie

After they had regrouped, they tried to knock on a few more houses. They saw the crops planted on the fields and wanted to ask the locals for some, but God seemed to be going against them as no one helped them or gave them work to do.


In the end, both teams returned home empty handed. However, just as they entered, they smelled an aroma which made their eyes brighten and their stomach grumble with hunger.


They knew that the crew would give them food even if they didn’t complete the task.


Everyone immediately ran to the kitchen, and inside, they saw a figure of someone cooking with her back facing them.


Everyone recognized that it was Ye Zhi.


This was everyone’s hope!


After a whole day of frustration, Sheng Man failed to manage her expression. The moment she saw Ye Zhi, her face suddenly darkened and would never take the initiative to greet her.


Before, everyone deliberately ignored Ye Zhi and now they were a little embarrassed.


Shan Qian was able to compose herself and walked to Ye Zhi’s side. A small pot was placed in front of Ye Zhi which she had just washed with hot water this morning.


There was thick white rice with some green vegetables in the pot. It was obviously the simplest Congee. However, it seemed better to eat after being made by Ye Zhi’s hands.


(T/N: Congee is a type of rice porridge or gruel.)


Shan Qian who had never smelled such a fragrance asked curiously, “What are you cooking?”


Yi Zhi answered Shan Qian’s question while stirring the porridge with a wok spatula.


“Potherb Congee.”


Hearing Ye Zhi start talking, the remaining guests, including Sheng Man, stepped forward and took a look again. There was not much porridge in the pot.


Ye Zhi only cooked for one person.


Netizens saw that Ye Zhi had only made a bowl of potherb congee for herself and immediately barraged the bullet screen with comments.


“Isn’t Ye Zhi too selfish? How can she only cook for herself? Everyone lives under the same roof, can’t she cook a little more?”


“If Ye Zhi had cooked for others, I would have found it even stranger.”


“I’m on Ye Zhi’s side this time. Since others didn’t give her a face last time, why should she please them? Who doesn’t have a temper?”


“Oh, everyone is so biased against Ye Zhi. She just returned the favor and did nothing wrong.”


Most netizens were scolding Ye Zhi, thinking that she was selfish and had no regard for others. She did not regard the other guests on the show as companions.


From this incident, one could already see how bad Ye Zhi’s character was.


However, some netizens said that Ye Zhi did this because everyone ignored her. She just followed everyone’s wishes and ate her own food quietly.


What’s wrong with that?


Sheng Man thought to herself that she knocked on the villager’s door but they didn’t even recognise her. In this backcountry, she had such a bad start.


Why did Ye Zhi have something to eat but she, who worked so hard, didn’t have anything?


Sheng Man thought of this and her eyes turned cold.


Nanbi stood beside Sheng Man. She knew that Sheng Man would participate in this show so she also came here to curry favor with her.


To please Sheng Man, she naturally had to suppress Ye Zhi. Now was a good opportunity.


Nanbi glanced at Sheng Man and noticed her strange expression. She understood that Sheng Man was unhappy.


Moreover, Nanbi was now very hungry. She walked for so long but wasn’t able to borrow a penny and tired herself instead.


Nanbi also looked at Ye Zhi’s fresh and cool appearance. The more she looked at Ye Zhi, the more unhappy she became. Her anger rose and she blurted out, “Why do you only make one serving?”
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