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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 91

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx
Nanbi continued, “We are a team. Do you want us all to be hungry?”
Sheng Man heard Nanbi questioning Ye Zhi and a faint, imperceptible smile appeared on her face.
She naturally knew that Nanbi was trying to please her. Now that Nanbi wanted to act as her knife, she would let her do it. Anyway, the person whom the blade pointed at was Ye Zhi who she hated the most.
All she needed to do was to be the bystander and silently watch Nanbi tore Ye Zhi apart.
Ye Zhi stopped her movements when she heard this. She sneered in her heart a few times.
She was very clear what Nanbi was thinking.
From the beginning of the show, Nanbi was trying to please Sheng Man everywhere. Now she wanted to use this chance and take the opportunity to prove that she and Sheng Man were on the same side.
Ye Zhi lowered her eyes, Nanbi was destined to be disappointed. She would not let anyone bully her and suffer silently without retaliating.
Ye Zhi didn’t look back immediately. She first lifted the lid and looked down at the porridge in the pot. The porridge had been cooked and was ready to be served.
Then, Ye Zhi bent down again and slowly turned off the fire.
When Nanbi saw Ye Zhi ignored her, she felt humiliated and couldn’t help but feel infuriated, “Ye Zhi, I’m talking to you! Do you hear me?”
Ye Zhi turned around this time. She looked at Nanbi and said lightly, “I heard you, I am not deaf. I was cooking porridge just now, can’t you wait a little?”
Nanbi froze.
Ye Zhi said lightly, “Before I went out, I asked whether any of you want to go with me to find wild vegetables. However, no one answered me at that time.”
Xiong Ting and Shan Qian were silent. At that time, they did indeed hear this sentence but they had some prejudice against her in their hearts.
They didn’t think Ye Zhi was capable of finding anything. Who would have thought that they would be slapped in the face so fast. Ye Zhi said nothing wrong.
Ye Zhi continued, “I thought that you don’t like to eat wild vegetables. So even if I have cooked more, it’s just a waste.”
Ye Zhi’s short responses completely explained why she only cooked for herself.
First of all, she had asked their opinion, it was them who refused her. Secondly, even if she had cooked more, what would she have done if others didn’t accept it?
Doing so would only be futile so Ye Zhi just simply did not do it.
In fact, Ye Zhi didn’t say one thing. She could see that for whatever reason, these people already had some prejudice against her.
She came to this program to change everyone’s impression of her. Although at present, there were many obstacles.
However, if one wanted to win the respect of others, he couldn’t do so by pleasing others.
If one blindly lowered oneself, he would be alienated and despised by others.
Ye Zhi wanted to reverse her reputation but she wanted to show her most true self so that she could get fans who really liked her.
Only in this way would they become her loyal fans.
Compared with Nanbi’s impatience, Ye Zhi was very calm. No matter what Nanbi said, she could easily resolve it.
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