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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 92


T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx
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“I suddenly feel that Ye Zhi is so beautiful. I like her calm demeanor.”


“Is this streamer sick in the head, or has her brain got fried? She has her own hands and feet, so why order others around?


“For the first time, Ye Zhi was right, Nanbi didn’t do anything by herself. Don’t throw your chore on other people’s heads. Please be a kind person. Thank you.”


“Nanbi exactly has this temperament. In fact, she doesn’t have bad intentions but she has a little bit of temper.”


Nanbi originally wanted to publicly criticize Ye Zhi, creating a sense of presence in front of Shengman. Unexpectedly, Ye Zhi rendered her words baseless with just a few words.


She couldn’t pick out any mistakes.


Although Nanbi was still frustrated, she stopped talking for the time being.


Ye Zhi didn’t intend to care about Nanbi anymore. She took a small bowl and slowly filled it with porridge. The kitchen was suddenly filled with fragrance.


The others had been hungry for a long time and they couldn’t help but swallow.


Ye Zhi didn’t pay any more attention to anyone. She passed by them while holding a bowl of porridge as she reached for the table and was about to dine alone.


Xiong Ting wanted to ease the current atmosphere. He gave a bitter smile and expressed his thoughts, “It seems that we will only be having white rice tonight.”


These celebrities did not expect that even after walking for a long time, not only they didn’t find anything edible; they even failed to borrow money.


Although Ye Zhi only had a bowl of wild vegetable’s porridge, compared with their dry, white rice, it was very delicious.


Ye Zhi kept on walking. However, just as she was about to leave the kitchen, she dropped a sentence lightly, “There are still some wild vegetables in the basket.”


After finishing this sentence, Ye Zhi continued to walk to her room, as if the person who reminded them just now was not her.


Everyone heard what Ye Zhi said  and turned to look at the kitchen. Just now, they were too attracted by the scent of Ye Zhi’s porridge and didn’t notice that there was a basket beside them.


The wild vegetables inside the basket were not few as Ye Zhi said. There were enough for the four of them to eat.


It seemed that Ye Zhi had prepared the ingredients for them long ago, but because of their indifference, she didn’t  say it outright.


They were very ashamed. They knew that Ye Zhi had been accused online. They also knew that the Sheng family had invested in this show. Being biased towards Sheng Man, no one was taking Ye Zhi’s side.


And now, all of them hung their heads low.


Comments appeared on the bullet screen one after another.


“It turns out that Ye Zhi is a considerate person. I suddenly feel that Ye Zhi is pitiful. I really sympathise with her.”


“Those people were obviously indifferent to Ye Zhi before. Now they wanted her to cook dinner for them? Dream on!”


“Let’s see whether they can make wild vegetable porridge. I think they will burn the house first before it’s done.”


In the show, everyone learned from Ye Zhi’s actions just now and prepared to cook wild vegetable porridge.


As a result, these people can’t cook. They cooked the porridge in a hideous mess. They almost dried the porridge before adding water to it.


The ingredients were wasted in vain and they had to eat burnt porridge in the end.



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