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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 93


T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Nyx


Ye Zhi’s reputation improved slightly. Some netizens were even about to go and check Ye Zhi’s live stream, wondering what she was doing.


If it was in the past, they would have never gone to watch Ye Zhi’s live broadcast, but now things had started to change a little bit.


The number of viewers in Ye Zhi’s live stream rose slowly. Netizens saw the guests eating the unpalatable porridge while Ye Zhi ate her delicious porridge in her room alone.


She lowered her head and drank the porridge. Sipping it slowly, she held the bowl with her snow-white fingers. Her movements were slow and elegant.


Her side view was perfect enough to become a screensaver.


Netizens saw that although Ye Zhi was isolated, she had a positive attitude. She was not anxious and restless, and was content with just herself.


Meanwhile, some netizens uploaded a video of Ye Zhi picking wild vegetables on Weibo. The video clearly showed that Ye Zhi went to the mountain by herself.


Ye Zhi not only picked wild vegetables for herself, but also for others.


Ye Zhi planned to help the others from the beginning. Even if they rejected her, she still thought about them.


Some netizens began to feel that Ye Zhi and her evaluation on the internet seemed to be different.


Netizens saw that Ye Zhi’s hands were stained with mud. She, who seemed to have mysophobia, washed her hands many times after returning. Moreover, Ye Zhi accidentally scratched her hand while picking wild vegetables.


It could be clearly seen in the video that there were several small wounds on Ye Zhi’s white fingers. But Ye Zhi just glanced at them and continued to pick wild vegetables.


She didn’t even complain.


Netizens’ impression of Ye Zhi changed again.


Ye Zhi didn’t know that the netizens’ impression of her had changed a little. When she went to wash dishes, someone actually took the initiative to greet her. It was Xiong Ting.


Xiong Ting said in a slightly embarrassed tone, “Uhmm…Thank you for your wild vegetables.”


Although they did not taste good, they could fill their stomachs anyway.


Ye Zhi politely nodded to Xiong Ting, “You are welcome.”


Dinner time was over and guests went back to their rooms and the first day of recording ended. What appeared next on the screen was everyone’s respective room.


The crew returned their mobile phone. Xiong Ting surfed the internet with his phone. Shan Qian also lied on the bed and played with his phone. Nanbi combed her hair by looking in the mirror.


Sheng Man was doing skin care now. She had a Refa beauty instrument in her hand and was looking in the mirror. The mirror was surrounded by incandescent lights, creating a layer of light.


Every step of her skin care was done meticulously. No matter where Sheng Man was, she would live a luxurious life.


She was apparently recording a show in the countryside but she was still living a luxurious life. It seemed a bit out of place.


Ye Zhi was also about to start her skin care as well. After all, she was a female celebrity who relied on her face to make a living. She had been busy with work for most of the day, so she must pamper her skin now.


Ye Zhi went into the bathroom, she tied all her hair up and was ready to wash her face.

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