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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 94


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Gu Ren had just finished today’s schedule. He got into the car and leaned back lazily.

The expression on his face showed a faint tiredness. His eyes were closed and his face had a sharp contour. Under the shade of the sun, a little extravagance was added.


After a while, he raised his hand and pulled his tie down with his eyes still closed. The tie slipped down silently from the collar of his shirt and he put it aside.


At this time, his manager, Cheng Qi, came over and said mysteriously, “Her show is broadcasted live.”


Gu Ren did not open his eyes and spat out a question, “Who?”


Knowing that no one would enter Gu Ren’s car without permission, Cheng Qi reminded him softly, “Your wife.”


Hearing these words, Gu Ren slowly opened his eyes and squinted, “Is she being live streamed now?”


Cheng Qi nodded.


The tiredness on Gu Ren’s face suddenly disappeared and he said lightly, “Show me.”


After Cheng Qi had learned about Gu Ren and Ye Zhi’s secret marriage, he had slowly comprehended the matter.


He assumed that Gu Ren wanted to know Ye Zhi’s situation so he immediately came to inform him. From the looks of it, Gu Ren really wanted to see Ye Zhi.


Cheng Qi quickly opened Ye Zhi’s broadcast channel and handed over the mobile phone to Gu Ren. Gu Ren took the mobile phone and watched the stream.


At this time, Ye Zhi was washing her face in the bathroom. After she removed her makeup, her snow-white and glossy skin was revealed and her facial features looked even brighter.


Then Ye Zhi started to do her skin care. She had just put on a facial mask. However, her nose suddenly itched and she sneezed gently towards the camera.


The bullet screen was full of laughter.


Gu Ren just saw Ye Zhi’s facial mask. At this time, a piece of white mask was directly covering the camera lens and blocking the view.


Gu Ren who couldn’t see anything clearly, “…”


He put down the mobile phone and glanced at Cheng Qi. The look in his eyes seemed to be saying, this was what you wanted to show me?


Cheng Qi also thought Ye Zhi was a little funny. How could she sneeze down the face pack? He couldn’t help but glance at Gu Ren’s eyes and his laughter stopped abruptly.


The next second, Gu Ren smiled lightly, “Isn’t she interesting?”


Cheng Qi who was inexplicably fed with dog food, “…”


(T/N: ‘Dog food’ means public display of affection in front of a single.)


Gu Ren looked back at the mobile phone and found that Ye Zhi was about to sleep. He looked at it for a few seconds before handing the phone to Cheng Qi.


Although Gu Ren didn’t watch Ye Zhi’s variety show, he wanted to know what she was doing. He looked at Cheng Qi, “What did she do on the show?”


Cheng Qi, “She had drawn the worst room by drawing lots at the beginning of the show.”


Gu Ren’s eyes darkened a bit, “And then?”


Cheng Qi, “No one gave her any task but she went to dig wild vegetables and cooked porridge by herself.”


Hearing this, Gu Ren asked with great interest, “Can she make wild vegetable porridge?”


Cheng Qi nodded, “She only made her own share. As a result, the streamer guest quarreled with her…”


Cheng Qi told Gu Ren that Nanbi chastised Ye Zhi but Ye Zhi refused to give in and counter lightly. He also felt that Nanbi was too difficult to get along with.


Gu Ren lowered his eyes. After a few seconds, he smiled lightly and looked very happy, “She didn’t want to concede.”


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