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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 95

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Cheng Qi froze. Gu Ren actually smiled again.


In such a short time, Gu Ren actually laughed twice and both was all because of Ye Zhi.


Gu Ren looked at Cheng Qi, “She is very smart. All the comments about her on the Internet are incorrect. If you have really been with her, you will know that she is a good person.”


Cheng Qi, “Do you know her well?”


Gu Ren’s voice was faint and it had a hidden meaning, “I’m still at the beginning stage.”


He only knew a little about Ye Zhi but he couldn’t stop himself from wanting to know more. ‘Ye Zhi… What kind of person was she?’


Gu Ren continued to ask, “Is there anything else?” He wanted to know more about what happened to Ye Zhi on the show.


Cheng Qi thought for a moment before replying, “Her hand seems to be scratched.”


Gu Ren’s face darkened. He suddenly picked up his phone and dialed the butler’s number, “Help me buy the best skincare products.”


He didn’t know what skincare products were the best, but he wanted Ye Zhi to have the best.


Butler, “Is it for the young madam?”


Gu Ren affirmed. He pondered for a moment before adding, “Also, find out where the best beauty salon is.”


After the recording of this episode, he would take Ye Zhi to relax in the best beauty salon.


Gu Ren spoke lightly, “If necessary, it is okay to build a beauty salon at home.”


Cheng Qi was completely shocked beyond words. ‘Gu Ren even planned to build a beauty salon at home? This was a money burning task!’


Gu Ren did not give a care to what Cheng Qi was thinking. He only thought that Ye Zhi would not need to go to a salon.


He would make up for the hardships she suffered on the show.




The first episode of the show had ended. After finishing work, all the guests packed their bags and were ready to return to their homes.


After the wild vegetable porridge incident, Xiong Ting and Shan Qian’s opinion on Ye Zhi turned 180 degrees.


Before leaving, Xiong Ting even said goodbye to Ye Zhi. Shan Qian also took the initiative to bid goodbye to Ye Zhi.


Though it was not a good day for Sheng Man, she barely had time to feel comfortable.


Especially after Ye Zhi became more popular than her, Sheng Man found it very hard to conceal her bad mood and her strong aversion to Ye Zhi.


Sheng Man didn’t know why but she didn’t like Ye Zhi from the first sight.


She disliked Ye Zhi’s each and every move, her appearance and even her subtle expressions made Sheng Man feel uncomfortable.


Sheng Man’s complexion suddenly became ice-cold after she got in her car. As soon as the car door was closed, she directly threw her bag on the seat.


Her assistant and the driver did not dare to make a sound. They both knew the reason for Sheng Man’s animosity and were afraid to touch her sore spot.


Aside from Sheng Man, the director of the show was also furious. His plan was to clean Sheng Man’s reputation by slandering Ye Zhi.


Unexpectedly, Ye Zhi was given a chance to reverse her reputation for free. He could only silently watch as the relationship between Ye Zhi and other guests gradually ease up.


With a black face, the director immediately went back to the hotel, where he was temporarily staying, after work.


Regardless of the bad mood of Sheng Man and the director, she returned home by car. When she arrived at the villa, someone waited at the door and took the luggage in her hand.


“Young madam, you have worked hard. Let me help you with your luggage.”


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