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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 96

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Ye Zhi didn’t even have a chance to refute and her luggage was taken away. She could only return to her room empty handed.


After Ye Zhi came home, she took a comfortable bath in the super large bathtub. During the broadcast, she couldn’t sleep at all so she immediately fell asleep after taking a bath.


When Ye Zhi woke up, the light piercing inside the room was already dimmed and the sky outside could be seen from the half drawn curtains of the window.


It’s already dusk and the horizon was filled with sunset clouds, dyeing the entire sky with the color of sunset.


Ye Zhi changed her clothes and walked out of the room.


At this time, the butler came over, “Young lady, this is the membership card for the beauty salon. It is the young master who asked someone to do it for you.”


Ye Zhi just woke up and was not completely sober. She just subconsciously accepted the card of the beauty salon.


Butler: “A lot of skin care products have been delivered to a separate room just in time. You can unpack them yourself.”


Ye Zhi couldn’t process what was happening for a while. Why did Gu Ren suddenly think of buying skincare products for her? She received a lot from his mother and it was enough.


Just when Ye Zhi thought that that was all, the butler continued.


“Young master also ordered that a room be reserved for your beauty treatment at home. It is now being prepared.”


“We will hire the best and most professional personnel and use the best equipment.”


Ye Zhi was shocked by Gu Ren’s style of spending money. The salon had been moved to her home. Now she could do beauty treatment directly at home?


The butler led Ye Zhi to a room in which all sorts of skincare products were kept for her.


When the butler pushed the door open, Ye Zhi discovered that the set of skincare products in the butler’s mouth was completely different from her imagination.


There were several different dressing tables in the room. In front of each dressing table, there were very popular unopened skincare products.


The butler next to him suddenly said, “Young lady, in fact, you don’t need to work so hard.”


The butler felt that Ye Zhi had been too busy with her work. It was a good thing to be ambitious, but working too hard would affect her health.


“You should not tire yourself and take good care of your health.”


The butler watched the young master grow up. Since Ye Zhi had become the young madam, he would take care of her just like the young master.


In the future, if the little master was born, he would take care of him too.


More Ye Zhi heard, the more she felt that butler’s word had hidden meaning.


Ye Zhi did not know how to answer.


The housekeeper noticed Ye Zhi’s hesitation, “It’s me being too talkative.”


After the butler left, Ye Zhi sat in front of the dressing table. Everyone in the Gu family thought that she was the real Mrs. Gu.


Only Ye Zhi knew that she and Gu Ren were fake couples. Gu Ren proposed to help in her career because he hoped that one year later, when the contract expires, she would have a firm foothold in the entertainment industry.


So this was a very crucial year.

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