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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 97

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She would definitely not let Gu Ren get into trouble nor she would let him down.


Ye Zhi’s sight fell on the skin care products in front of her. Almost every famous product was here and all of them were in a complete set.


La Maison Valmont, Rairie, Helena Rubinstein…


Ye Zhi wondered if she should give Gu Ren a call and thank him.


At the other end, Gu Ren had just finished an interview and was ready to return to the lounge.


He was wearing a pure white shirt with a very narrow waist which just fit his waistline.


The suit casually hung on his arm. After the shooting, Gu Ren’s tie was pulled loose by him which created a sense of carelessness and nonchalance.


As he was walking through the long corridor, the lamplight illuminating his tall and slender figure gave off a somewhat unreal feeling.


In addition to the original ‘Ye Zhi’ who wanted to scam Gu Ren, other female stars were no exception.


It’s just that they were not as bold as Ye Zhi. They only dared to scheme various methods to scam Gu Ren in secret.


If they were lucky enough to marry Gu Ren, all fame and money would be at their fingertips.


A small celebrity named Ji Chan knew of Gu Ren’s route, and her dressing room just happened to be in the same corridor as Gu Ren.


Without a second thought, Ji Chan remained in her dressing room after work was over as she wanted to try her luck.


Ji Chan counted the time, and as soon as Gu Ren was about to pass her dressing room, she immediately opened the door.


However, unlike what she imagined, she didn’t succeed in creating a chance encounter as Gu Ren went straight past her without even giving an ounce of attention.


“Gu Ren.” Ji Chan stopped him, slightly embarrassed.


When Gu Ren turned around, he concealed the impatience in his eyes very well, “What’s up?”


Ji Chan pointed her finger at his cufflinks, “Your cufflink is very beautiful. I want to buy one for my father. Can you tell me where you bought it?”


Gu Ren’s line of sight moved down and fell on the cufflink. His gaze softened a little.


Ye Zhi bought this for him in America.


Ji Chan noticed the change in Gu Ren’s expression and thought that her roundabout approach was effective. She smiled at Gu Ren.


The next second, the softness on his face was lessened and a sense of resistance became very obvious, then, he replied faintly.


“I don’t know. It was a gift.”


After his response, he turned around and left without giving Ji Chan a chance to continue speaking.


Gu Ren walked back to his private lounge. After a busy day, he was exhausted beyond words. He sat on the sofa and closed his eyes to rest.


Within half a minute, Gu Ren’s mobile phone rang, breaking the silence in the room.


Gu Ren frowned slightly with his eyes half closed. He did not turn his head when he heard it rang, he just casually reached out to the side and took the phone.


Gu Ren didn’t even give glance at who was calling. He just skillfully slid the answer button and held the phone to his ear.


“Hello, who is it?”


Gu Ren spoke in an abrupt manner but it revealed deep exhaustion.


Ye Zhi didn’t mind whether Gu Ren identified if it was her phone call or not. Her worried voice sounded from the earpiece, “Gu Ren, are you tired?”

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