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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 98

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Gu Ren suddenly fell into a trance. His dark eyes stared down to look at his phone and when he saw the name displayed on the screen, gentleness glimmered in his half closed eyes.


Gu Ren’s voice had slight warmth in it as he replied.


“I don’t seem very tired now.”


Ye Zhi first asked Gu Ren to rest more and then began to talk about the skincare products, “Why did you buy me so many skin care products?”


Gu Ren said quickly, “I heard you worked hard on the show.”


Ye Zhi did not expect this to be the reason. She immediately said, “Your schedule is busier and your work is harder than mine.”


The corners of Gu Ren’s mouth curled upward and his tone was calm as if he was talking about the most common thing.


“I didn’t know which one was better, so I bought them all.”


Gu Ren added another sentence, “Use whichever you want.”


Ye Zhi knew that everyone from Gu family was generous. Gu Ren bought her all the famous skin care products just because of her hard work on the show. She was naturally happy.


Ye Zhi chuckled and deliberately said what others called Gu Ren, “Thank you so much, young master Gu.”


Gu Ren laughed lightly and said in a low voice, “You’re welcome.”




《Noble Clan》had long been finished and now it had entered the stage of publicity. The leading actors would soon join the crew to walk on the red carpet of TV Drama Awards.


In this series, Ye Zhi didn’t have much exposure. If this was before, she would not be included to go on the red carpet with everyone.


Originally, Ye Zhi was not included on the red carpet list but the director of《Noble Clan》 happened to see her make headlines several times.


Moreover, Ye Zhi’s headlines were mostly related to Gu Ren or Sheng Man. Both of them happened to be in the cast, Gu Ren was the leading actor while Sheng Man had a lot of parts in the play.


Ye Zhi’s popularity has been very high recently. In order to better promote the series, Ye Zhi was given a chance to walk on the red carpet.


Ye Zhi, Gu Ren, and Sheng Man would appear on the red carpet at the same time, painting the most eye-catching picture.


Besides this, there was another reason.


The person who made Ye Zhi dance and helped Sheng Man take away her dancing part was the assistant director.


At that time, the director was not on the scene. During the post-editing process, the assistant director said that she was a stand-in. The director did not doubt it at all.


How could a director have time to pay attention to a small stand in?


It was not until the news 《Sheng Man suppressed Ye Zhi》 came out that the director came to know the truth. Therefore, it could also be regarded as a compensation for Ye Zhi.


When the director notified Ye Zhi, he specifically reminded her that she was not the starring role in the play so she should not dominate the red carpet.


The director was afraid that Ye Zhi would not understand so he also hinted that if Ye Zhi attracted too much limelight, Sheng Man would probably take revenge.


The director didn’t want to make the relationship between Ye Zhi and Sheng Man more rigid because of his actions.


Ye Zhi agreed without hesitation. When the director heard Ye Zhi agreed so easily, and thought of her hard work before, during the shooting, he hung up the phone in a good mood.


He hoped that Ye Zhi would live up to his expectations and would not waste this opportunity.


Whether Ye Zhi actually understood or not was yet to be seen~

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