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It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 21

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It was only a few days before the birthday of the family head. Tonight’s banquet was just a warm-up to entertain the guests who had already arrived. In order not to make them feel bored while waiting, these past few days whether it was day or night, all kinds of large and small parties were being held constantly.


Most small banquets invited guests from the same social circle or similar status to get together in different banquet halls, but tonight’s banquet was hosted by Beiat, the only son of the old Marquis. So, naturally, as long as the guests arrived at Mia Star, they must give face to the future patriarch of the Mia family and attend the big banquet tonight.


The white brocade embroidered with golden silk thread reflected the lights of the banquet, and the jewels on it glowed with bright pearlescent colors.


The ten-meter long table was covered with snow-white tulle which had layered lace edges. It looked elegant and ravishing. The snow-white porcelain plate was decorated with fragrant food like a piece of art. It was surrounded by glass cups filled with bright red, orange, or light blue liquid. The colored glass cups were decorated like enchanting flowers on the long table.


The finely carved golden murals hung on the light yellow coloured columns. The light yellow layer on the column was glowing with tiny radiance, making the golden murals shine even brighter. The flames in the huge fireplace made up of large white stones were burning in the four corners of the huge fireplace, and the partitions carved in the dark wooden railings made it feel even more luxurious.


Tonight’s upper-class nobles all advocated retro style, whether it was clothing or other things. The more they resemble the ancient times, the more they can show off the style and taste of a true nobleman.


The guests were extremely satisfied with this retro-style banquet hall. The men all wore Chinese clothes and held wine glasses while talking. Beautiful women who were dressed in exquisite skirts and gowns, with complicated hairstyles and gorgeous jewelry, gathered in twos and threes to gossip softly.


Out of place.


If Miao Te was there, seeing this so-called retro-style, he would have given such a comment with the corners of his mouth twitching.


You should know that there were many different time periods on Earth, such as the ancient century, the middle age, the modern times, etc., and each large time period was divided into various smaller time periods. Even in those smaller time periods, the styles of buildings and clothes were all different.


Now the so-called retro-style of the nobles in the interstellar age… was basically a hodgepodge of styles from different centuries on Earth.


But considering the loss of Earth’s civilization and the tens of thousands of years away from now, it wasn’t impossible for the history of the Earth to be unified into one as an ancient period.


It was just that Miao Te wasn’t there now, so naturally he couldn’t complain about these so-called retro Earth styles.


Now, in this magnificent banquet hall, most of the eyes of the beautiful women gathered in twos and threes talking and laughing in low voices were on the major general who was rarely seen in banquets.


Many people knew that the owner of ‘Ishtar’ was not sociable, and his presence was rarely seen at banquets. So this time, this rare figure which appeared at the banquet of the Marquis of Mia, was a pleasant surprise to many women.


Aside from pictures, it was rare to have such a close look at Major General Taylor as a person within the Empire. Naturally, many took a good look and then went back to show off to their friends who couldn’t see him.


‘The youngest major general in the history of the Empire.’


As everyone knew.


However, there was another name that was also well known, but no one has said it out aloud. Just a tacit title.


‘The most handsome major general in the history of the Empire.’


Anyone who has seen Taylor cannot refute this sentence. Even the person who hated Taylor the most could only say it with a bitter face and return in anguish.


Major General Taylor sat quietly on the dark yellow coloured sofa near the French windows on the side of the banquet hall. He didn’t wear gorgeous clothes. But  still wore the black imperial military uniform with the silver stripes. The only decoration on his body were the golden fringed epaulettes on the shoulders of the imperial military uniform, which symbolized the status of a major general.


The long and slender legs which were wrapped in black military trousers were overlapped, and the silver metal buttons on the black military boots reflected a cold arc.


Even the soft down of a swan couldn’t compare to the softness of Major General Taylor’s jet-black hair. When it slided, it seemed that you could hear the rustling hair shimmering in the light as it scattered on the cheek of the major general,  making his skin appear even whiter.


Ice muscle and jade bones – this term was generally used to describe beautiful girls, but there is no sense of contradiction when it was used on the major general. To the major general, it did not feel weak or feminine. On the contrary, no matter what kind of so-called masculine man there was, when standing in front of this young major general would seem a bit weak.


There seemed to be a sharp aura and pressure emanating from his bones. Just sitting there, the aura had overwhelmed anyone who wanted to approach him.


“Boss, there are so many cute girls here, don’t keep your face so sour.”  


The red-haired major teased with a smile as he leaned towards his boss, who had an invincible wall. 


Glancing  up, he  winked at a beautiful noble girl who was looking towards their direction. The girl glanced at him, smiled politely, and then once again set her gaze on the black-haired major general beside Robin. When she had looked at him, her eyes lit up but still continued staring at Taylor.


Robin snorted and gave up his plan, to hook up other beauties.


Standing next to his boss, can he still hope to hook up with a girl?


He stood next to the boss, drinking, when he  had a thought.


“Boss, I’ve said it many times. My team is called Demon Slayer, so every time when you call me to attack, you should say ‘Demon Slayer Fleet Attack’. Don’t you think it’s boring to just say ‘destroy the fleet’!”


The cold-faced Major General Taylor gave a helpless look out of the corner of his eye to his incurable subordinate in the late stage of the second grade mental disease.


“Boss, if you don’t like it, can you think about the equipment of our team instead?”

Robin didn’t take the hint  that his boss didn’t want to talk him and continued to talk.


“Can we at least upgrade the railgun?”


In the middle of his chattering, he suddenly saw a figure coming forward from the corner of his eyes. In an instant, he restrained the smiling expression on his face and stood quietly beside his boss with his mouth closed.


Major General Taylor raised his head slightly, and his dark blue pupils reflected the figure walking towards him.


The seemingly gentle and honest man in an elegant clothing smiled at him, politely raised the wine glass in his hand, and handed over another glass of light blue wine.


“Won’t you drink a little? Lord Major General Taylor.” 


The heir of the Mia Family said with a smile.

“If it doesn’t suit your taste, you can order an attendant to remake it for you.”


His pupils like dark blue glass beads stained with ink reflected the wine glass handed to him. The black-haired major general’s pupils shimmered with a light colder than that of the crystal clear glass. 


Then he stood up and took the glass.



The handsome waiter, who used all his strength to exude male hormones felt a bit stuffy.


Although he didn’t expect to hook up with the target so easily, what was with the target’s indifferent reaction?


The waiter could see that the boy’s ignorance of him was not just a pretense, but because he was really not interested in him at all.


…He was afraid that this person was more interested in pastries than himself.


After realising this heart-stirring fact, the male waiter decisively chose to implement the second plan. He stopped making any seductive or suggestive actions, but smiled politely at Miao Te, bowed, and then turned and left.


Before leaving, he checked the incense cage in the corner of the house and saw that there was not much incense in it, so he added more.


The waiter opened the door and tried to leave. The young soldier who was guarding the door in accordance with Major General Taylor’s orders glanced at him, then at the young man in the room, and nodded to let him leave.


The door closed again, and the faint incense lingered in the room, light and shallow but didn’t disperse. Miao Te, huddled in the soft chair by the window, looked at the rare, bright night sky that glowed like a starry heaven. Perhaps because he was full now, he felt sleepy.

He laid on the soft chair, too lazy to get up, and finally fell asleep.


After a long while, the room was quiet, only the young man’s soft breathing could be heard.


Suddenly, the door of a closet was quietly opened. The closet was originally empty and used for decoration, but a person came out of it. His movements were very light, there was practically no sounds of his movements when he walked near  Miao Te.


The boy was lying on the soft chair, head tilted, and was sleeping deeply.


A hand was slowly extended towards him.


The light from the side shone, stretched across from the shadow of the man who appeared in the room and fell on the boy, whose sleeping face was seemed somewhat childish, and his whole person was almost covered in the dark shadow.


Countless thin white rays of light stretched out from the metal ring on the man’s wrist like spider silk about to capture its prey, entwining the sleeping teenager little by little.


Light filaments gradually wrapped around his slender neck,and penetrated into the skin of his temples.

Miao Te, who was ignorant of it all, was still sleeping.


However, on Miao Te’s right wrist, the silver-blue metal ring suddenly flashed a faint gleam.


It was hidden under the cuffs of the military uniform, so no one saw the gleaming light that flashed by.


The man with dark brown, curly hair kept a decent smile and raised his glass to show respect. He took a sip of his red wine, glanced at the strange hourglass timer in the hall from the corner of his eye, and roughly estimated the time.


He thought that the people he sent should be about to succeed.


He could only take advantage of this little gap while Taylor is out. He couldn’t let others see the clues. He could only use an essence to stun the kid and then take the opportunity to perform spiritual synchronization to search for information in his mind. He could even go one step further and plant special hypnotic instructions in the youth’s spirit realm to trigger it at critical times.


The incense was specially made. It would only make people feel like they were in a nightmare and would not leave any memories. As for the bad sequelae on the teenager, Beiat certainly would not care. Moreover, the effect of the incense is very short. After Taylor returns to consciousness, the effect of the incense would disappear, so naturally no one would notice anything wrong.


Thinking smugly in his heart, Beiat took another sip of his wine. He watched Major General Taylor pick up the glass, as if to drink. However, just a second before the pale thin lips were about to touch the transparent glass, they suddenly pressed closed.


Beiat only felt that the atmosphere around him suddenly changed. The air seemed to freeze for a moment, and the sudden pressure made him involuntarily hold his breath for a second.


The wine glass that was about to touch the major general’s lips a second ago was put aside, and with a crisp sound, a crack creeped at the bottom of the wine glass. When Beiat reacted, he could only see the back of Major General Taylor who quickly turned and left.


He stared at the figure from behind, and a shadow flickered across his eyes.




He stared at the blue light reflecting from the cuff of the military uniform of Major General’s right hand, and thought secretly.


He actually gave half of his private information ring to the boy. It seems that this person attached more importance to the boy named Miao Te than he thought.




Rapid footsteps reverberated in the empty corridor. Robin almost ran just to catch up with his boss.

“What’s the matter, Boss?” 


When he looked up, he saw his boss’ horribly cold profile.


“Someone wants to forcefully perform spiritual harmonization.” The black-haired major general’s voice was also extremely cold.


Robin’s pupils suddenly contracted.


He naturally knew who the boss was talking about.


There was a fierce look in his eyes.


Miao Te was left in the room to protect him, but instead he was left to be exploited.


Forced spiritual harmonization—


It tore the surface of the spiritual protection, forcibly entering into the private spiritual realm of another person—


The pain executed  by the forcibly torn spiritual protection was more than that of any physical injury. 


It was naked mental r̲a̲p̲e̲!

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