It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 22

Edited by Senna



In the long corridor laid in black and red carpet, the lights on the wall were slightly dim. Even at night Mia Star was as bright as day, so the lights in the rooms were just for decoration.


The corridor for the guest room was very quiet. Taylor and his group, who were arranged to live in the guest room on this floor, went to the banquet hall at the top of the tower to participate in the party. Therefore, the guest room was empty at the moment that there was hardly any sound.


A tall young soldier quietly stood in front of the door of the most luxurious guest room on the tower’s floor with a straight posture, looking straight ahead and making no sound. 


All of a sudden, the sound of rapid footsteps came from the other end of the corridor, which had been silent just now.


The young soldier at the door turned his head and looked towards the direction of the sound. He could distinguish that the footsteps were from the sound of military boots trampling upon the wooden floor. In this place, the only people in Imperial uniforms were… 


Soon, two familiar figures hurriedly appeared in the young soldier’s field of vision.


“Major General, Major.”


He raised his hand and saluted his two superiors solemnly.


“Stop saluting! Has anyone gone in? Was there any problem inside?”


Before the young soldier’s saluting hand was even lowered, Robin had already asked his questions impatiently.


“A waiter went in and there was nothing unusual when he came out.”


The young soldier answered immediately then he turned around, reaching for the door that he had been guarding behind him. 


The push failed to move the door.


The young soldier was stunned. Although the young man was residing within the room, it was still the residence of the major general. With the major general currently out and it was unknown when he would return, along with someone guarding the door outside, the young man shouldn’t be locking the door without authorization.


The soldier wanted to try pushing the door even harder.


Suddenly, a long leg extended from the side and with a loud bang, the whole door and the nearby walls seemed to shake with the sound. 

With this kick, the tightly closed door opened straight away.


The terrible force made the kicked door tremble unbearably.


Without saying a word, the major general who kicked open the door walked into the room one step at time.


With awe-inspiring eyes, he saw the teenager sleeping on the soft chair beside the window and a man kneeling beside the soft chair.


A flash of cold light streamed across his sharp phoenix eyes, frightening whoever looked into them to the extreme.


His lips were as tight as a knife’s edge and his fingertips touched the laser gun on his waist-




As soon as his fingertips touched the cold metal of the gun, Taylor sensed an abnormality.


The man kneeling on the ground was too abnormal.


It was as if he had not heard the loud sound of the door being kicked. He was still kneeling on the ground motionlessly.


Although feeling something was wrong, Taylor had no time to think about it. He took a few quick steps, bent over, and stroked the forehead of the young man on the soft chair.


The sleeping boy quietly nestled in the big soft chair, his head slightly tilted, and the soft black hair was scattered on his still childish cheek. The light from the window fell on the side of his cheek, making the teenager’s skin appear even more tender.


His face was calm and he seemed to be sleeping soundly. His relaxed face showed no trace of pain.


Did they not have the time to do it yet?


Looking at Miao Te’s peaceful sleeping face, there was no expression on Taylor’s stern face but the originally tensed hand on the boy’s forehead softened.


“Boss, there’s something wrong with this guy.”


The voice of the redheaded major sounded from the side.

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