It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 23

Edited by Senna


Almost at the same moment when his boss came to Miao Te, he suppressed the strange man at the side.


But to his surprise, the man didn’t make any resistance whatsoever when he was subduing him.


Robin motioned to the soldier next to him to take the man’s arm and moved his hand to lift the man’s face.


The man’s face was very ordinary, practically the kind of ordinary that can get lost within a crowd. However, the man’s eyes were very strange. He stared at Robin in a daze, his pupils were dilated and did not focus on anything.


The soldier pulled the man’s back and Robin strangled his throat. He didn’t show any response. A pair of loose eyes fell on Robin’s face, but the man didn’t seem to be looking at him.


Robin saw something faintly.


“Let him go,” he ordered.


The young soldier holding the man immediately released him and got up.


However, even when the person who restrained him let go, the man still sat on the ground dumbly. In a wooden stupor, his pupils were lax and unfocused with his mouth open and the saliva threatening to flow out of his mouth.


“Crazy…” murmured Robin, turning his eyes to the boy who was still sleeping soundly.


There was an unbelievable look in his eyes, vaguely complicated, and then it slowly became clear.


“I say… How can the descendants of a large family be so useless?” he breathed out softly.


“This kid really gave us a big surprise, boss.”





Not long ago.


The man forcibly carrying out the spiritual harmonization on Miao Te did not encounter the slightest resistance and easily intruded into the spiritual realm of the target.


Although, as a specially trained agent, his physical and mental strength were much higher than those of ordinary people, he also used special drugs on the target, but this was the first time that he could invade a person’s mental state so easily.


It seemed that the kid was just like his appearance, a delicate flower completely raised in a greenhouse.


Before concentrating his consciousness, there was a strong fragrance.


The man opened his eyes, even if he was strictly trained to be disciplined, he was shocked for a moment when he saw what was in front of him.


In front of him was a long table but the surface could hardly be seen. On the table, there were plates of delicious food with all kinds of colors and flavors. A tempting scent came over, making the corners of his eyes twitch.


This kid’s mental state… is really special.


It’s all food.


The man saw such a unique mental image for the first time and could not help questioning the orders given by his superior.


Is there really any secret in this gluttonous kid?


Although he thought that, the task still had to be done.


The man calmed his heart, ignoring the delicious looking food on the table, and turned his head to look around.


The first thing to do now was to get in touch with the spiritual body of the owner of the spiritual landscape.


Only by touching the spiritual body can he invade further and deeper into his mind.


If the kid is so obsessed with food, the spirit body should be eating at the other end of the table now. 


He judged and walked along the long table.


Sure enough, a vague figure could be seen ahead of him without having to walk too far.


When the figure saw him approaching, he seemed to turn in a panic and ran. He immediately chased after him. The spirit body was really too weak. As soon as he exerted his strength, he easily caught up and grabbed the young man’s hand.




The man thought and pulled the boy hard, wanting to invade his spirit even deeper.


But suddenly, the hand he was holding became transparent and turned into splashes of water.


The man was stunned for a moment. When he looked up, before he could even see the young man’s face, he saw the figure in front of him turn into water. The splashing water waves scattered on the table beside him and soon the table melted into water—


Oh, no!


The man reacted at the last minute.


Fake! It’s all fake!


This was not the spirit of the kid! But the camouflage of the surface’s consciousness guarding the spiritual image.


He didn’t even invade the kid’s surface consciousness——


Without even giving the man some time to think, that scattered water waves suddenly turned into one huge wave.


The man’s pupils suddenly shrank into pinholes, reflecting the monstrous waves that roared and slammed against him in all directions.




It was the moment when the huge wave swept over him that the man finally screamed in his consciousness. 


After his last scream, the man’s spirit was shattered by the overwhelming waves.

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