It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 24

Edited by Senna



Forcibly carrying out spiritual harmonization to a person would tear the spiritual surface, invading the deep consciousness and would cause great harm to the person’s spirit.


This kind of behavior was equivalent to mental violence.


However, there was a special case.


A very rare situation.


If one person forcibly carried out spiritual harmonization to another without that person’s consent, it was regarded as spiritual invasion.


If the spirit of the person being intruded upon was more than twice as strong as that of the intruder, then the intruder would not only be unable to invade the person’s spiritual realm but would also be defeated by the spiritual consciousness guarding the spiritual realm.


This counterattack was completely passive, carried out without the person’s knowledge. 


If the person’s mental strength is only twice as high as that of the intruder’s, then it would only cause slight mental damage to the intruder.


However, if the person’s mental strength was much powerful than imagined and several times larger than that of the intruder, then the spirit of the intruder would be completely defeated – in short, it would lead the intruder to a mental disorder and he would become r̲e̲t̲a̲r̲d̲e̲d̲.


Robin looked at the teenager who was ignorant of everything happening and was sleeping soundly. Looking at that childish and harmless face, he felt a little bit complicated.


He had always regarded the child as a weak person, like a pet animal.


Now, at the thought of the kid’s mental power that was several times stronger than his own, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.


It could be seen in a glance that the man, who became an idiot, was someone with special training. Generally speaking, the mental strength of this kind of secret agent was definitely not low. It was much stronger than ordinary people’s. Even Robin does not dare to say that his mental strength is stronger than this person’s, let alone more than twice as strong.


However, the man was immediately defeated by the seemingly harmless little devil and was turned into an idiot.


. . .  


Robin suddenly felt grateful that he was stopped by the boss back when he wanted to harmonize with Miao Te. 


Although Miao Te wasn’t forced and agreed at the time, just in case the kid gets upset or rejects halfway then he only needs to resist a little bit and… 


Looking at the originally dignified man now salivating stupidly at the moment, Robin’s back was suddenly cold


Damn, this kid is terrible!


Before even reaching adulthood, the mental strength was already strong enough to surpass the specially trained agents several times. What were the possibilities in the future?


This kind of terrible mental power, I’m afraid that the only one who can fight against him is the inhuman boss.


The red-haired major thought so and subconsciously looked at his boss beside him.


He turned his head but only saw the back of his boss.


Major General Taylor leaned over slightly and reached out to pick up the boy slumbering in the soft chair.


Perhaps because he was not comfortable in the soft chair, the boy hummed softly and his head that was leaning on Taylor’s chest moved restlessly.


Robin, who was standing by the side, felt his eyes were about to pop out as he watched his boss let the little devil rub against his body. His boss just slightly lowered his head, the fine black hair scattering at the corner of his eyes and his long, thin eyelashes casted a faint shadow in his dark blue pupils which watched the young man in his arms.


It wasn’t until Miao Te’s fluffy head found a comfortable position as he nestled in Taylor’s neck did he stop moving.


Then, Taylor opened his mouth. 




“Yes!” The red-haired major, who looked dumbfounded, stood at attention.


“I’ll go to your room.”


The black-haired major general held the boy in his arms and turned to walk out.


He said, “You stay here and negotiate.”


“No problem, boss. Just leave it to me.” Robin clapped his chest.


“You coax well… oh no, I mean, you have a good rest and leave the rest to me!”


Hey, as his boss’s confidant, how can he not guess what his boss was going to do next.



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