It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 25

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He put the man in his arms on the bed and the little fellow, who had been rubbing against him uncomfortably, rolled on the soft bed and laid down on the bed with half of his childish face sinking into the soft duvet. The young man’s eyebrows and eyes stretched out to show a comfortable expression as he settled in the soft bed with satisfaction.


It seemed that being princess carried by the major general, which could evoke envy from countless women and even some men, did not satisfy Miao Te.


Although Taylor’s body was pliable and strong, it was not low in hardness which made it quite uncomfortable to sleep in. He still preferred soft quilts.


The soft light black hair was scattered around the corner of the boy’s eyes, the fine hair tips and thick eyelashes interlaced, casting a faint shadow on the boy’s delicate skin.


Half of his face was buried in the quilt with the exposed tip of his nose exhaling a shallow breath. His lips were slightly open showing the tips of the snow-white teeth that were faintly visible.


He was so sleepy that even the loud noise from kicking open the door and other series of events that occurred afterwards were not enough to wake him up from his deep slumber. 


Even when Taylor carried him all the way to another room, he still showed no sign of waking up.


This was not normal.


However, in Robin’s view, the deep sleep was probably caused by a special incense, so it didn’t garner too much concern.


After placing Miao Te on the bed, the black-haired major general took off his military coat and wore a simple white shirt.


He sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at the boy who was sleeping deeply.


A pair of slender eyebrows slightly twisted, the major general’s dark blue eyes did not have a relaxed look in the slightest. He stared at Miao Te with a trace of solemnity in his eyes.


It was rare for people to have such strong mental powers that the lack of knowledge about them was inevitable.


Just like with Robin, who only had a vague understanding that someone invading a person with strong mental powers could have a backlash. But Taylor, as one of the rare races with strong mental powers, knew a little more about it.


Indeed, it was true that intruders would be incapacitated by a passive counterattack.

However, this may also be led by the surface consciousness of the victim to initiate a self-protection mechanism thereby firmly guarding the spirit of the victim in the depths of their spiritual realm – that is to say, the victim may go into a deep slumber due to unconditional distress.


How long they slept was uncertain.


The reason why Taylor left the matter to Robin was not only because of his trust to his subordinates, but also to check the child’s mental state as soon as possible.


If the child fell into a deep sleep from self-protection, the only one who could wake the child now was someone with similar mental strength.


The black-haired major general slightly leaned over and reached out to hold  Miao Te’s hand that was on the bed.


The silver blue metal ring on Miao Te’s wrist showed a blue light then fell off his wrist and opened to form a half ring and floated to the young man’s neck.


Taylor’s arms relaxed and placed Miao Te’s upper body in his arms. By leaving the soft and comfortable quilt and leaning on the hard body again, the sleeping teenager frowned, appearing to be dissatisfied.


The major general’s hand gently stroked the hair of the young child in his arms, as if to soothe him. His slender fingers penetrated into the light black hair and the fingertips were surrounded by a soft and warm feeling.


Taylor’s fingers moved to comb the boy’s hair twice then it fell on the boy’s neck.

Countless dark blue threads of light extended from the metal ring on the major general’s wrist and wound on the half ring suspended on the teenager’s neck.





All white.


It was a huge barrier.


In Taylor’s eyes, it stretched out in all directions with no end in sights.


Like a loyal bodyguard, it guarded everything inside firmly.


The black-haired major general stood in front of the huge white wall and frowned.


As he thought, things went in a bad direction.


The self-protection mechanism of the child’s surface consciousness had been activated. It could be deferred from the huge white wall with no end.


The wall has to be broken. 


He thought while frowning.


I’m afraid it’s going to be difficult.


He took a small breath.


. . . He didn’t want to use such a method on the child, even if the purpose was to help him. It was also another type of forced invasion.


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