It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 26

Edited by Senna


Major General Taylor stood in front of the huge wall with a rare look of hesitation on his face.


If there are other ways…


He hesitated, raised his hand, and pressed it against the white wall.


However, the moment his hand touched the white wall—the place where his hand touched melted like ice and snow.


The huge wall, which had no end in sight, broke apart and melted in an instant, starting from the place his hand had touched.


Within a moment, it disappeared before his eyes as it evaporated.


When the enclosed wall shattered, the vast blue and black cosmic starry view unfolded in front of his eyes like a scroll.


The distant starlight was shining in the dark sea of stars and the warm blue planet was quietly rotating in the boundless starry sky.


The quietly rotating blue planet was reflected inside the deep blue pupils of the young major general.


The teenager who appeared in front of him stared at him and said, with a little dissatisfaction, like complaining. “I say, if you want to come in then you have to  ask first.”


Taylor exhaled softly.


He naturally understood what happened just now.


The teenager trusted him.


He was defenseless against him.


The teenager included him in his own world unsuspectingly.


That’s stupid.


Major General Taylor thought.


Very stupid.


“You came back so soon? I thought you wouldn’t—eh?”


Taylor’s outstretched arm suddenly embraced the complaining Miao Te. The sudden movement made the rest of Miao Te’s words remain stuck in his throat, only making an indiscernible sound. 


Major General Taylor lowered his eyes slightly and his slender eyelashes casted faint shadows below his eyes. He looked at the huge blue planet in front of him. The blue planet was spinning quietly under his eyes.


He hugged the teenager in his arms tightly. The young man’s body was soft and warm, the tips of his hair rubbed against his cheek, making it slightly itchy.


Miao Te’s body was stiff because of his sudden movements, his hands clung onto his shoulder and his face showed a stunned look with his eyes bulging.


The jet-black eyes glowed with watery luster.


The eyes that were radiant at all times were vivid and bright like a young animal and they clearly reflected the side of his cheeks.


Taylor thought of the man who had just been sitting on the ground with dull eyes and face as numb as a stone.


He suddenly felt that he could not imagine a dull look in the child’s eyes even if they were to lose their luster.


He didn’t want to see that happen ever.


He didn’t want to lose it.




His body went rigid at the major general’s inexplicable embrace and Miao Te was a little confused on what made the major general go crazy.


What happened?


Although a bit slow, he could still clearly feel that the major general was not very happy right now.


Did something unpleasant happen?


He thought.


Why did he suddenly come back in advance and ran into his mental realm without even giving a notice.


Oh, it must be because in a place where several aristocrats gather, he was looked down on by some aristocratic children, hurting his self-esteem. So he ran back to watch the image of the Earth to soothe his wounded soul while also hugging him for comfort.


The second generation of officials, oh, no, the second generation of nobility was too domineering. The low-ranking major general had to yield in this kid of large-scale dog blood drama.


It’s okay.


The teenager, who thought he must have guessed right, patted the major general on the back.


No pain, no gain.


Major general, you are a man with the protagonist halo. Being bullied now is a must-have for the plot but it doesn’t matter. Don’t feel bad. Follow the plot development and soon you’ll be able to slap the faces of the second generation nobles who bullied you.


Miao Te thought carefully.


Since he was holding the golden thigh of the major general, he had the responsibility and obligation to help the major general.


He had no other skills but now that the major general was not happy, at least he can find a way to make the major general happy.


Well, I’ll give you a special treat today.


Miao Te squinted and thought, closing his eyes.




Holding the soft body of the teenager in his arms and watching the blue planet rotating quietly, the black-haired major general had an unprecedented sense of peace in his heart.


However, he had not had enough time to enjoy this sense of peace for too long as everything around him suddenly distorted.


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