It’s Over! The Major General is Bent! Chapter 27

Edited by Senna


The darkness passed and the surroundings suddenly brightened.


He was abruptly exposed to light. The sunlight that radiated from the sky shined on his skin, giving an inexplicably warm feeling.


In front of his eyes was a vast expanse of blue.


The waves crashed upon each other and the water surged. As far as the eyes stretched, there was only a vast and boundless blue ocean with blue sky and milky white clouds.


At the horizon, where the sea and the sky met, the two different hued blues blended into one. The wind bringing with it the ocean scent blew the ends of his hair which swept across the corners of his eyes.


He stood in the sea with the blue waves crashing, the cold water under his feet swept across his legs softly.


It was a strange feeling.


He felt as if he was about to melt in this blue ocean.


He felt as if he belonged to this blue ocean in the first place.


The sound of the crushing waves was like a resonation to his deepest soul, calling him back to the oldest source of the world.


A hand took hold of his hand.


Taylor turned his head and saw the smiling eyes of the boy who was looking at him. 


The sea breeze whizzed past and Miao Te’s light black hair was flying in disarray.


But between the blue sea and blue sky, the smiling face of the messy haired teenager was much brighter than everything else.


“Earth?” he asked.


“Yes, Earth,” Miao Te answered with a smile, “This is the sea on Earth. Don’t be upset. I’ll show you something interesting.”


Miao Te pointed his hand and the sea in front of him showed a wavy line then a sharp, vertical dorsal fin protruded from the water and went straight towards them.


Look, a shark!


Are you afraid?


Miao Te laughed and looked at the face of the major general, ready to see a joke.


Contrary to his expectations, the major general did not show a startled expression. Taylor just looked at the nearby dorsal fin and casted an inquiring look at Miao Te.


Miao Te: “…”


I forgot, the major general didn’t know what sharks are, so it didn’t scare him.


He thought as he sighed in disappointment, then he snapped his fingers.




Something suddenly jumped out of the water and splashed water everywhere.


The blue creature leaped  a beautiful arc in the air and the water splashed on Taylor’s face.


Then it shook its head and swam to Miao Te’s feet, merrily circling around him as he stood on the ocean.


“Creatures that live in the ocean on Earth.”


Miao Te crouched down and he spoke in the language of the Earth Alliance, a word that did not exist in the Imperial language.




Seeing Miao Te squatting down, the little dolphin became more active. He went around him and rubbed his legs with its smooth head.


With a swing of its tail, it splashed water all over his body and made a chirp.


Blue sea, blue sky, warm sunshine, white clouds, and the different traces of blue melting at the horizon.


The different blues seemed to melt inside the dark blue pupil of the major general.


His eyes clearly reflected the boundless blue waves along with the bright smile of the boy kneeling on the water and embracing the little dolphin.


Under the fine black hair, the pupil of the young major general reflected the light from the sky. 


His eyes were shining as if the sea and stars were merged inside his eyes.


The little dolphin swam around him and bumped its head into his leg. He bent down on his left knee and held out his hand to the sea creature called “dolphin”. The little dolphin chirped at him, bumping his hand with its small head and refused to let him. Unexpectedly, it made a small jump and splashed sea water on Taylor’s face.


Miao Te watched, blinking his eyes innocently. He would never admit that it was instigated by him.


“Well, are you in a better mood?” Miao Te asked, “The animals on Earth are lovely. You’ll be in a good mood when you look at them.”


Major General Taylor was half kneeling on the sea and the little blue dolphin was continuously circling around him, but he didn’t try to touch it anymore.




After watching the swimming dolphin for a long time, he answered.


He raised his head and his eyes fell on the face of the boy who smiled happily after hearing his acquiescence. The childish face showed a certain complacency at the moment.


The moist wind of the sea swept over Taylor’s cheek, and the water that was splashed on his face penetrated into the corners of his lips, bringing a slight salty taste with a bit of bitterness.


He thought that he didn’t hate the bitter, salty taste.


“Very cute,” he said, looking at the teenager.


The pale lips had a slightly visible upward curve around the corners.

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